The 6 types of Keto'ers

The 6 types of Keto'ers

Knowing from the content below which particular Keto'er "type" you are could be interesting to you. In fact, knowing which type you aren't is likely useful as well, once you really explore it in full. Further, your knowing BOTH, and your obtaining a better overall perspective on what appears to genuinely work – and what doesn't – is very likely to enhance your overall keto success in both the short or long run.

Type 1:

Biohacking and Performance.It's quite likely that very close to 100% of these individuals is succeeding at keto. This individual stays in ketosis consistently, and knows it. She/he is thinking keto MOST of the day. He often teaches keto to others, or if not, certainly could do so. He could also answer essentially any question that someone would have on the Keto diet. Is really up on all things keto. Many of these individuals are checking their ketones in their blood, and are doing so at least a couple times each week. Many of these individuals are also involved in keto commercially in some way. This individual has often accessed keto podcasts, youtube keto videos, and keto literature. For whatever reason, a keto lifestyle is SUPER important to this individual. They absolutely adore keto, whether or not they choose to admit. Knowing the various keto benefits that exist, a Type 1 has clearly achieved at least 3 of those benefits. Type 1 keto dieters have chosen to absolutely grab the keto bull by the horns. A Type 1 has been very serious with keto for at least the past 6 months. Based on their primary purposes for being on keto, close to THREE out of 3 of Type 1's will likely succeed.


Type 2:

Serious and Efficient.Works hard at keto. Most of these individuals are already succeeding quite well with keto. Has been on this program for many months. They love it. This individual has often accessed keto podcasts, youtube keto videos, and keto literature. This person is content with keto overall, and probably could answer some questions from most anyone on keto, but maybe not all. Tries to be more objective and balanced on the genuine merits of keto, but certainly she/he VERY much values it. Based on their primary purposes for being on keto, TWO out of 3 of these will likely succeed.

Quick note here: Keto is not hard. It is not difficult to be a Type 2, nor even to be a Type 1 for that matter. So if one is serious, and wants to truly win with the keto lifestyle, why not choose to be one of the first two types. Not hard! In fact, it is quite healthy – whether done in the short run or for decades. A Type 2 has been also been pretty serious with keto for at least the past 6 months. Over that time, a Type 2 has achieved one or two keto benefits already, at least intermittently. Again, simply try to be a Type 1 or 2 if you can. And then you will likely assure your keto success! Keto works. It's safe. It's enjoyable. It's do-able!! Anyway…

Type 3:

Careful and Casual. Type 3 ketoers are merely “careful”with keto. They are more casualabout it as well. Doesn't check blood ketones at all, and doesn't even check his urine ketos very often at all either. Right or wrong, he/she prefers a much simpler or more relaxed approach to keto. Type 3’s are the most likely to partake at times in “dirty keto” – ie, with some of the less orthodox versions of keto. Is even fairly annoyed that so many people make things complicated with keto, and says so. Sees the faults or limitations if keto perhaps a bit more than other keto types. This person has occasionally accessed keto podcasts, youtube keto videos, and perhaps some keto literature at times. These people are probably a little more likely to fail with keto, but might succeed with it in the long run. In fact, they may actually stick it out for quite a while before quitting. For them though, keto must still mold in many ways to their own likes and dislikes to garner their participation – and that sort of approach is not always good. But they do have an outside chance of winning at keto overall. Fingers sort of need to be crossed with these folks. Honestly, many of these are less successful with keto. In most cases a Type 3 has been at this for a few months only – max. Over that time though, like a Type 2, a Type 3 has likely achieved one or two keto benefits already, at least intermittently. Based on their primary purposes for being on keto, approximately ONE outa 3 succeed in the end, as one might expect. Keto should be done reasonably well to be able to win at it. It's very do-able, but it's not a hobby.


Type 4:

Failing. Says they’re on keto. They’re actually not. Not all that careful with it is why – nor diligent. Again... failing. No such thing as a “failure” though? Only setbacks? OK, then I can go with that. Umm, not succeeding.

Type 5:

SORTA tried itbefore, with variable reasons as to why they're NOT doing it NOW. Was FORMERLY on the Keto Program, probably even obtained at least a degree of their desired result, but they really are not on it now. Clear or unclear as to why they chose to stop (not Keto’s fault though). May or may not go back on it in the future. This person understands keto pretty well though.


Type 6:

Tried and FAILED. Their own fault. Didn’t do it like they should have. This person was on the program in the past. Put their toes in the water for a bit. Basically, it didn't work for them, or so they would say. Whatever was their perceived problem with keto, they never really figured it out on the hard scientific level, nor refused to completely make the necessary life adjustment to it at the time. They may now be thinking now that keto didn't work for them. But it's quite possible that they simply didn't seek or get the appropriate help with it back then that they should have, or that they simply didn't take keto seriously enough at the time, or had never really, really believed in it to begin with – nor were willing to even give it the good ol' college try at the time. Further, they were most likely a keto Type 3 while they were on keto. Maybe even a Type 2 (maybe), but they certainly weren't a Type 1, as those "keto Type one-er folks" very rarely fail at keto.

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