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Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight: Kimberly Cronin

Published on: May 27, 2019

Ambassador Spotlight: Kimberly Cronin

Kimberly Cronin, 45, is a certified keto coach who shares her personal journey with the keto diet - how she got started and how it changed her life. Let’s learn from her today!

Who Is Kimberly Cronin?

Kim runs a keto coaching business and lives in Manchester NH. Kim also works part-time as a Corporate Recruiter for a major marketing agency. She describes herself as results-focused, driven, and positive. Her top 3 values are honesty, accountability, and authenticity.

Here’s a fun fact about Kim: She’s a mom to a teenager and she’s about to be an empty nester when her daughter leaves for college. She’s also a cat-mom to Toby and wife to Jimmy who’s the one who got her hooked on the keto diet.

Kim's Experience Before She Went Keto

In 2017, Kim struggled with high blood pressure. She wasn’t obese but rather slightly overweight. Her doctor prescribed her some blood pressure medications and put her on the standard American diet (SAD) for about 6 months.

During those months, not only did she gain weight, but she also didn’t feel good about herself. According to Kim, she felt “tired and unhealthy.”

Why and When She Decided to Try the Keto Diet

Kim realized that the standard American diet wasn’t working for her, and that’s when she told her doctor that she wanted to try the keto lifestyle under her supervision in October 2017.

Weight loss was her primary reason for doing keto. However, keto didn’t only help her lose weight, but it also stabilized her blood pressure. Because of that, her doctor reduced her blood pressure medication. Kim hopes that she can be completely off her meds soon.

Her Early Struggles with Keto and Motivation to Keep Doing It

Navigating the keto diet was difficult for Kim. She also didn’t know about exogenous ketones and other supplements that would help her have a smoother transition into the diet. During her first week, she experienced keto flu which manifested as awful headaches. However, she was thankful that the headaches didn’t last long.

Kim’s motivations for sticking with keto are the energy she gets and the overall feeling of well-being. Feeling the difference between being in ketosis and being off of it helps her to stay on course!

Since Kim travels a lot, she makes sure to pack her keto supplements and have keto snacks on hand.

Whom Kim Looks Up to in the Keto Space

Kate Jaramillo is Kim’s coaching mentor, and she has taught her to meet clients where they are at in their keto journey - because keto is not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle!

What Kim Loves About Kiss My Keto

She found out about Kiss My Keto through Facebook. She loves the positivity and values of the company, their quality products, and incredible customer service.

Kim found herself falling in love with some of Kiss My Keto’s products which she highly recommends to anyone doing keto.

The first one she recommends is the MCT Oil C8 C10 oil which she puts into her salad dressings, shakes, and coffee. What she loves about the MCT oil is that it gives her mental clarity and the fact that she can customize the portions using the pump.

She also recommends the keto bars and keto protein birthday cake powder.

Kim's Top 3 Keto Tips for You

  1. Use Kiss My Keto’s products to help you stay the course.
  2. Do not give up!!!
  3. Preparation is key (that includes weekly meal planning, grocery shopping and stocking up on your supplements)

Kim has a message to all followers: “You can do this lifestyle and stick with it!”

You can email Kim at or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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