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Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight: Paula Chaffin

Published on: June 10, 2019

Ambassador Spotlight: Paula Chaffin

Paula Chaffin absolutely loves the ketogenic lifestyle. She has been on keto since November of 2017, has lost over 130 pounds, and is truly thankful for all the benefits she gained. If you want to know more about Paula’s story, keep reading…

Who Is Paula Chaffin?

Paula is 45 years old and a full-time mom who’s from Missouri. She describes herself as adventurous, creative - and you can tell from her success on keto.

In fact, Paula’s enthusiasm for the keto diet has led her to motivate her family to get on board and give back to the community. Paula’s top three values are God, family, and health.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Paula is that she learned to cook and bake on keto, and she also owns a small bakery in her town. This is how she’s able to help others live healthily.

Paula's Experience Before She Went Keto

Paula grew up being obese and unhealthy. She remembers graduating from high school and weighing 250 pounds. As an adult, her weight went as high as 341 pounds. At the age of 21, she got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She also had high blood pressure, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and other health complications.

Why and When She Decided to Try the Keto Diet

After yo-yo dieting for so long, Paula decided in November 2017 to do something about her weight. She got introduced to the keto diet, thanks to her brother and sister-in-law who’ve had success with it.

Amazing Results with Keto

Aside from making her lose weight (which was her main goal), the keto diet was also able to help her get off insulin and other medications. Paula lost about 130 pounds in 12 months. Since she maintained her keto diet, she was able to lose 8 pounds more. All in all, she lost 138 pounds. Paula describes keto as life-changing.

Paula’s Early Struggles with Keto and How She Stays Motivated

Paula doesn’t have a lot of struggles at the beginning since she already did a ton of research before trying the keto diet. However, she recalls figuring out her macros and getting surprised with the amount of fat she had to eat.

She started drinking bulletproof coffee and got completely hooked ever since. The fact that keto offers so many delicious food choices is what makes her stay on the diet.

Her experience of being able to share the wonderful world of keto to others through her bakery and coaching others in the keto community are her other reasons for staying motivated.

The hardest thing about doing keto for Paula is when she goes on travel. However, she prepares herself by packing keto-friendly stuff in her “keto bag.”

She also pinpoints 3 best things about doing keto: Amazing energy, steady blood glucose, and weight loss.

Who She Looks Up to in the Keto Space

Paula admires Amanda of Ketoginja. Amanda is on YouTube and Instagram, and she also happens to be a recipe creator like Paula. Paula says that she can’t wait to meet Amanda at KetoCon.

What Paula Loves About Kiss My Keto and Why

Paula discovered Kiss My Keto through a keto subscription box. The subscription box had a sample bar. Paula admits that she isn’t a huge fan of bars, but got hooked on Kiss My Keto’s bars after checking the macros and ingredients, and realizing that “they were clean, good stuff.”

She shares four products which she loves at Kiss My Keto:

  • Keto bars - Paula loves the keto bars because they make great pre-workout and post-workout snacks. She uses the bars for coming off intermittent fasting. Personally, she doesn’t like eating a huge meal to break her fast, so she finds the keto bars very helpful.
  • Keto chocolate variety pack - Paula is a true chocolate lover, and she loves the fact that she’s able to use Kiss My Keto’s sugar-free chocolate as an ingredient in her baked recipes. Her personal favorites are Pumpkin Seeds & Sea Salt and Original Dark Chocolate.
  • MCT oil - After trying different MCT oils in the market, Paula likes Kiss My Keto’s MCT oil the most because it comes in a glass bottle and has a convenient pump. She adds a few squirts into her coffee and salad dressing. Paula says that the MCT oil gives her energy and keeps her full. 
  • Exogenous ketones - Paula used to be against exogenous ketone supplements but had finally decided to try Kiss My Keto’s Lemon Lime exogenous ketones (with electrolytes). She purchased them for her son as well who wanted to go on keto, and they saw great results.

Aside from Kiss My Keto’s products, Paula appreciates the company’s customer service, saying that it’s “phenomenal.” She likes that her questions are answered and that Kiss My Keto is willing to make a refund or replace an item.

Paula also gained so much from Kiss My Keto’s free educational resources. She trusts the company because of its clean ingredients that are perfect for all keto dieters.

Paula's Top 3 Tips for Anyone Starting the Keto Lifestyle

Tip #1: “Just start! Take it day by day and step by step. Each and every day adds up to your big results!”

Tip #2: “Hide your scales. If you want to measure or track your progress, take body measurements instead. The scale does not own you.”

Tip #3: “Count and stay within your macros! I still do this even in maintenance.”

If you would like to connect with Paula, you can find her on Instagram.

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