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Ambassador Spotlight

Together We Want to Educate and Empower You

Published on: July 23, 2019

Together We Want to Educate and Empower You

With 20 years of the keto lifestyle under my belt (note I didn't say "diet") I have been amazed at the surge of keto being in the public mindset. Nowadays, it seems like it’s spoken about by every doctor, celebrity, and your friends at the gym or water cooler. It’s been frustrating at times and absolutely inspirational at others. Some celebrities and companies just seem to be cashing in. One company I can say is not... is Kiss My Keto.

I have spoken on stages all over the world, done hundreds of podcasts and radio shows, been on TV several times, and even in a few documentaries. I am truly blessed to serve with my message and have so many people receptive to it. One of those people, Kate Geller, reached out to me after listening to a podcast I was on. She said that she was moved about my message – not only being one of sciences, but of hope and humanity. Like me, she has survived considerable life trauma, and we bonded over Instagram DM. We met in person at another engagement, Expo West, and in the coming weeks and we just bonded. When I say a story of triumph... I mean it. You need to read or hear Kate's story. POWERFUL.


We aligned, talking about how we both desperately want to serve and reduce the sickness and sadness in the world, and she thought it made sense we align on a deeper level by me coming to Los Angeles, meeting the team, the company’s owners. Mind you, I have NEVER aligned with any company. I am hesitant to do so – despite the potential to make a lot of money – as I want to be trusted. I want you to believe me, since I've spent 20 years building trust as a clinician, scientist, formulator, dietitian, and speaker... She sent me all the KMK products... and they are great. Solid products, good prices, and made with a passion... I could tell... by the owners.

So, with our missions aligned, our desire to educate the same, and the products solid... we decided to make this LA trip real. I hung out with rock star, Kate Geller more and we talked about ways we could bring education and inspiration to the community. Community is a powerful word. Community... tribe... people connecting... people supporting...

It is not a relationship between company and customer, but a community of people that align, like Kate and I do. It cannot be about a diet and 8 weeks... it's about a lifestyle and KMK, the employees, the customers, and anyone who even wants to know more about keto... or even a healthier lifestyle to come and feel embraced.

That feeling for me was so evident when I met the entire team and its started with the two owners, Michael and Alex. These guys are biohackers – if you don't know what that means its self-experimenters that want to push their health and performance. They are serious about mental and physical health and look the part. They work long days, but find time to take long walks, use standing desks, connect at meals with me with good conversation and food, workout, etc.


They also USE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS! This is a massive sign of integrity for me and I love this. As a formulator, I have always formulated products for me and for you and I loved my creations and used them every day. It’s a way to assure that I don't cut corners. If I use it, and my mom uses it, then it’s good for you to use too.

Both Michael and Alex are passionate about health; they have seen the ravages of cancer and diabetes in their families and this created the foundation for Kiss My Keto. Not, "hey its trending, let's cash in," but "Hey this lifestyle can save lives and the current way of eating is killing people." They both talked about educating, bringing people in, supporting a community before even a single product was mentioned or anything about dollars and cents. All of this just felt RIGHT!

We decided to work together to educate and EMPOWER! Not just tell you how to do something, but give you the tools to make better decisions on what's good for you and what's not... whether it’s through products, food, exercise, etc.

In the next 24 hours we did a Facebook live and answered hundreds of questions, took photos on Melrose in LA, and shot fun videos that will introduce you – the community – to me.

This is a brand I've chosen to get behind, and I'm excited that you will too. There's quality and integrity here that's really unparalleled... and I've seen it all throughout my 20 year career in health and keto.

I'm excited for what's next! You'll be seeing me on more Facebook Lives, and other fun outlets, to provide you with more knowledge and support, in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

I love you guys! And thank you, for accepting me into the Kiss My Keto community!

- Shawn Wells

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