Can I drink coffee, black tea and eat dark chocolate during keto? How about caffeine?

It really depends on how caffeine affects you. Some people say it puts them out of ketosis, increases cortisol levels, and prevents keto-adaptation. But it can also help you control your appetite and kick-start fat loss but also enhance an exercise session[1, 2]. Raw dark chocolate without sugar (100% cacao) is a traditionally healing and beneficial plant which boosts mood while reducing appetite [3].

Some sugar-free chocolates (made with inulin and stevia) are remarkably tasty treats which provide an extra dose of quality fiber. Experiment with your own preferences and tastes, which will also naturally change on a keto diet. Adding fat to coffee, or even tea, can create a stimulating and satisfying meal alternative when blended into a creamy, warm drink called keto-coffee.

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