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How much protein should I be eating on a ketogenic diet?

Published on: April 23, 2018

You should eat the same amount of protein on keto as you would on any other diet - around 50 grams a day [1]. Protein requirements vary depending on your age, sex, and activity levels but are usually anywhere between 37 - 81 grams for adults. This is enough to support your health and your body composition. If you're highly active, you can take the upper limit of protein to support muscle growth. 

But going above these recommended daily limits is not only bad for keto, but for your overall health as well [2]. On a keto diet, excess protein can turn to glucose via gluconeogenesis,thus potentially kicking you out of ketosis. Other possible problems arising from too much protein include frail bones, kidney disorders, risk of coronary artery disease, and impaired liver functioning.

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