What's the difference between impact and non-impact carbs?

Impact carbs are carbohydrates that have a high impact on your blood sugar level. They are also known as high GI (high glycemic index) and are digested rapidly quickly elevating blood glucose levels. Unless they are immediately used for physical exercise, the excess carbs will often be stored as fat โ€“ drive by the bodyโ€™s hormonal response. Refined carbohydrates and sweet foods are naturally higher GI. Avoid high-impact carbs unless you want to drop out of ketosis.

Non-impact carbohydrates are low GI (low glycemic index) and digest at a much slower rate. This avoids hormonal (insulin) spikes and provides more sustained energy. Vegetables, packed with fiber, naturally digest slower making them lower GI and better for you. Ketosis restricts carbohydrates, but what you do consume should be non-impact.

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