Can a ketogenic diet cure cancer?

The current understanding of the “metabolic theory of cancer” suggests that cancerous cells require a supply of glucose (sugar) to grow and spread. Although more studies are needed, current research supports the theory that limiting carbohydrates starves cancer cells of energy so they die off.

Some research also shows that existing cancer therapies can in fact make the condition worse and reduce a person's chance of survival [1]. Cancer is a complex condition which is triggered by toxins in the environment and inflammation combined with genetic susceptibility [2]. Cancer patients who take measures to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition, including with the ketogenic diet, can naturally increase the likelihood of remission and recovery of their health [3].

If you or somebody you know is considering the keto diet as cancer therapy, do be mindful of the complex issue at hand. While conventional medicine is the safest route to cancer treatment, alternative and nutritional approaches like the keto diet can't be disregarded. Sadly many doctors are unaware of the very real need to nourish the body to prevent and treat illnesses like cancer and disregard ways to allow the body to heal naturally [4]. 

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