Can ketosis lead to ketoacidosis? What is the difference between ketoacidosis and ketosis?

Ketosis is a normal, albeit altered, physiological state in which your body is running mainly on ketones. Ketoacidosis, on the other hand, is a dangerous condition in which ketone levels are so high that they make the blood acidic. A healthy body controls ketone production with the help of several hormones, most notably insulin [1]. If your body has trouble making enough insulin, you're at higher risk of ketoacidosis. But if not, then you're perfectly safe. 

In ketoacidosis, ketone levels are 3 to 5 times higher than in nutritional ketosis. It also usually occur simultaneously with very high blood sugar levels. Most cases of ketoacidosis were people with type I diabetes, starvation, or severe alcoholism. Nutritional ketosis, on the other hand, happens when elevated ketones occur simultaneously with low blood sugar levels and only on a high-fat diet. 

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