Is a ketogenic diet safe long-term? How long can someone be on a ketogenic diet?

The short answer is that yes, many studies show that keto is safe long-term, so you can definitely be on this diet for months and years even. Researchers examined keto's effects on cardiovascular risk factors, liver health, and kidney functioning and results are largely positive [1, 2]. Despite being a high-fat diet, studies show that keto increases HDL cholesterol and decrease total and LDL cholesterol -- good news for heart health [3]. 

Besides that, keto is known as one of the best diets you could try for effective and sustained weight loss [4]. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk of dangerous and chronic diseases and keto can help you stay healthy. Still, being such an unusual and controversial diet, it's understandable that you would question its safety as a long-term strategy. Unfortunately, research is yet to give a conclusive answer to this [5]. 

When deciding to use keto as a short-term or long-term strategy, you'll need to weigh out the risks and benefits. Does sticking to an unconventional diet provide more benefits than not trying it out to finally be able to lose weight, reduce diabetes risk, or fight cancer? The keto diet helps you take responsibility for your health and learn more about your body’s physiological needs. It's also definitely safer safer than eatingprocessed food and more carbs than you need.

Taking charge of your health involves education, reflection and active choices. Getting support from a medical professional to monitor your progress (blood pressure, nutritional levels, blood sugar and other markers of health) will also give you confidence in your chosen diet, keep you safe, and help identify any challenges you need to overcome.


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