Is a ketogenic diet safe long term? How long can someone be on a ketogenic diet?

When compared to the health risks of being very overweight and the opportunity to prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cancer then yes, it is very safe. However, the long term effectiveness in the general population has not yet been established. Having said that the long term effectiveness of many pharmaceutical drugs has also not been established either - most of them are only tested for relatively short periods of time. So what is truly ‘safe’? There is always a risk/benefit balance, even when crossing the road or driving a car.

The keto diet helps you take responsibility for your health and supports you to get rid of addictive and toxic foods and learn more about your body’s physiological needs. Is that safer than eatingprocessed food  - there is plenty of data to prove this already!

You are the only one who can decide what is best for your health. Long term health requires education, reflection and active choices. Taking charge of your health in whichever way feels right to you is the safest thing you can do. Getting support from a medical professional to monitor your body (blood pressure, nutritional levels, blood sugar and other markers of health) will give you confidence in your chosen diet and help identify any challenges you need to overcome.

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