Will my digestion improve on the ketogenic diet?

When you transition to a ketogenic diet, it is normal for some people to experience digestive issues  - either diarrhea or constipation [1]. These issues generally only last for a few days, but there are things you can do to help. Stay hydrated, take probiotics, and include low-carb vegetables in your keto diet menu.

If you’re experiencing constipation:

  • Take a magnesium supplement (magnesium citrate) [2]

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water and herbal tea

  • Eat plenty of leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables

  • Take psyllium husk, flax, or chia seeds for extra fiber

If you’re experiencing diarrhea:

  • You might be eating too much fat.  

  • If you have digestive issues, don’t go over 80% of calories from fat and avoid coconut oil and MCT oil.

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