How should I eat after reaching my goal weight?

A ketogenic diet is about much more than just weight loss. So, even after reaching your goal weight, you should find ways to maintain your new way of eating and either stay partially keto or at least consider remaining low-carb. If you go back to eating carbs, especially processed and refined foods, you will regain weight. To avoid the yo-yo effect, you need to stay away from the most addictive and fattening foods. It is also important to look at emotional and mental issues as food is often used as an emotional crutch, comforting us when we feel low. Finding more effective and healthier ways to boost your mood and self-soothe is a crucial part of the ketogenic diet weight-loss process that many people forget.

A ketogenic diet is more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle change which needs regular reviews. Some people do start introducing a bit more carbs – by 5g/week – until they get to a point where their weight maintains itself. While others choose patterns of keto in the week and more freedom at the weekend. Celebrate achieving your weight loss goals by finding ways to prevent the weight creeping back on!

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