What can I do if I get hungry on keto?

If you just started a ketogenic diet, it is normal to feel hungrier than usual. Your body is still adjusting to this sudden change in nutrient availability. But once you become keto-adapted and your body is utilizing fat and ketones (around week 3), that's when you'll start noticing a positive change in your appetite [1].

If you’re sure you're in the keto-adapted state but still feel ravenously hungry, your keto diet menu may be lacking protein or fat, since they are both very filling and satisfying [2]. Also try to drink more water as our bodies can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger [3].

Still, don't think that hunger is always a bad thing. If you are hungry even after following all the above steps, it is ok to eat, listen to your body. Women may feel more hungry at different times in the menstrual cycle, so keep that in mind as well. All in all - trust your body, but beware of carbs and cravings which is more akin to food addiction, not hunger. And when you must have something sweet, always opt for a low GI keto dessert.

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