What changes to my urine can I expect? How do you get rid of ketones in your urine?

Ketosis can cause changes to your urine. You may notice your urine having a strong, fruity smell or even an oily sleek. This is completely normal and the result of your body removing excess ketones with the help of your kidneys [1]. 

However, if your urine is darker than usual, it could mean you are dehydrated. Drink more water with electrolytes to ensure you are well hydrated. Normal urine should be pale and clear.

Besides ketosis and hydration, supplements can also affect the color of urine. Riboflavin supplements, for example, can make urine a bright yellow, almost fluorescent, color [2]. 

When you are in ketosis or taking exogenous ketones, any ketones not used for energy end up in your urine or get expelled through the lungs [3]. 

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