Can I eat in restaurants on the ketogenic diet?

Yes, you can. You just have to be more aware of what you’re ordering. Good choices to order include meat dishes (e.g. steaks, no gravy or sauce) and salads. Be aware of dressings as they may have hidden carbs – ask for olive oil or mayonnaise for you to dress your dish yourself – and avoid ketchup (opt for mustard instead). Don’t be afraid to be picky and ask about the ingredients in your meal. Alternatively tell the chef, ideally in advance, your requirements and let them suggest something for you.

If you really cannot avoid the carbohydrates when eating out, get some activity in – like going for a walk – after your meal, so your body can burn at least some of the carbs, instead of storing them as fat.


Avoid Dahl or any dishes with lentils, potatoes or rice. Prefer meat or fish-based curry, tandoori or tikka dishes with vegetables (e.g. Korma or Tandoori). Ask specifically for your dish to be made without sugar, as they often slip it into the mild and sweet dishes.


Choose meat, fish or seafood-based meals with non-starchy vegetables (steamed, grilled, fried or fresh) or salads. Use extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar or mayonnaise as dressings. Avoid pasta and dough based items.


Ask for sashimi or egg omelets. Avoid rice and noodles.


Go for meat-based dishes such as Tartar steak or sausages. Avoid the bread.


Avoid noodles. Order a salad or a meat-based meal that doesn’t have a sugary sauce.


Greek is a great option for eating out. Choose a meat, fish or seafood-based dish. Avoid pita bread and fries.


You can have kebabs served on a plate instead of in the bread. Order it with vegetables on the side.


Avoid sweet sauces. Choose egg or meat-based dish with non-starchy vegetables, seafood or fish soups without noodles or even crispy duck without the pancakes.


Prefer salads or meat-based dishes and avoid tortillas and beans.

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