How is the keto diet different from the paleo diet? And which is better?


While these two have similarities, they aren’t exactly the same.

The ketogenic diet was created to help people control and diminish the effects of epilepsy, but it is now widely used as an effective tool for weight loss and managing other health issues. On a ketogenic diet, carbohydrates intake is reduced to a very low percentage (5-10%) and the body enters ketosis (fat burning) as its primary fuel source.

The Paleo diet doesn’t recommend any strict ratios, since the main goal isn’t changing how the body uses energy, but reaping the health benefits from eliminating certain foods from the diet and eating healthy sources of protein, fat, and plants. Paleo is about eating in a more natural way and removing processed foods entirely.

It is possible to follow a keto diet and adopt Paleo principles at the same time. Both diets support removing processed foods, grains and refined sugars and instead choosing more natural and nutritious keto diet foods like vegetables and organic grass-fed meats



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