How much weight could I lose and how fast on the ketogenic diet?

The amount of weight you could use is very personal. It depends on many variables such as the speed of your metabolism, your age, fitness level and your keto goals. But there are things you can do to maximize your ketogenic diet weight loss, such as exercising and intermittent fasting.

Ketogenic diet weight loss is usually rapid at first while your body adjusts to the new way of eating and uses up stored glucose (as glycogen in the liver). There is also a change in the amount of water stored in your body as when you are in ketosis you need to drink more water. This transition will take little time and can make weight loss slow down for a few days.

Once you become fully keto-adapted, after a few weeks, you should see a steady decrease in weight which you can even calculate and make a keto diet meal plan for. If weight loss stalls you should check your portion sizes and ensure there are no carbohydrates sneaking into your diet. You can also kick start weight-loss even more with a few days consuming around 1,000 calories from mainly fat. Also it is better to track your body fat percentage and physical measurements, which say more about body composition, instead of weight.

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