What are the different types of low carb diets?

There is no fixed definition on what is a low carb diet although it normally means a diet lower in carbs than a typical "Western" diet. For that reason, there are many ways to do a low carb diet. Some of the most popular low carb diets are:

  • Ketogenic diet (of course!)

  • Paleo diet which naturally restricts modern processed foods and grains which are high in carb

  • Atkins diet which has similar principles to the keto diet but does not restrict protein

  • Eco-atkins diet (vegan version of the Atkins diet)

  • Zero carb diet.

Any diet which encourages you to reduce blood sugar levels and insulin secretion (by restricting carbohydrate intake) will benefit your health and help eliminate sugar addiction. The less carbohydrates you eat the more stability you will have with blood sugar and you will naturally lower the risks of many diseases. The keto diet restricts carbohydrates to point which is practical and still nutritious while getting the maximum benefits from reducing inflammation and metabolic risk factors.

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