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Keto on the Go: 10 Snacks That Will Keep You in Ketosis

Published on: October 12, 2018

Keto on the Go: 10 Snacks That Will Keep You in Ketosis

You're out and about and feel hunger creeping in. Suddenly you start thinking how that tiny bar of chocolate isn't such a bad thing. You start to plan on skipping dinner and make up for this short indulgence. What you may not know is that a chocolate bar often packs a whopping 130 grams of carbs. Even protein bars don’t do you any justice at 50 grams in one package, which is enough to kick you out of ketosis.

Update: Try our keto approved keto chocolate bars!

While we're sure you could find low-carb snacks at any store, it's best to avoid temptation by planning ahead. Besides, there are many snack options to keep you energized and in ketosis while you're running errands. Below are 10 of the best, healthiest, and most convenient options to boost your mornings, curb hunger pangs, and beat mid-day slumps.

1. Instant Keto Coffee

There are countless ways to make keto coffee that save you time in the morning. For example, you can add a cube of butter, coconut oil, or MCT powder to a hot cup of brewed or instant coffee and blitz with an immersion blender or milk frother. Drink as is or pour into a portable coffee mug to take with you.

A great and even more convenient alternative to classic keto coffee is our Keto Coffee instant powder. Simply add the powder to hot water and you'll have your instant coffee ready within seconds. It contains coconut oil, MCTs, cocoa powder, and natural flavors. The coffee in this product is organic which studies found has more caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant [1].

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

One large hard-boiled egg has 6.3 g of protein, 5.3 g of fat, and only half a gram of net carbs – a perfect keto lunch-time snack if you ask us. Eggs are also an excellent source of B vitamins which are important for brain health and energy production [2]. Eggs are also rich in the antioxidant mineral selenium.

There are many different ways to make hard-boiled eggs. You can either boil them for 7-8 minutes depending on how done you want them. You can also place eggs in a pot filled with cold water, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, and leave covered for up to 20 minutes. Once the eggs are done, peel them and eat within the next hours. Unpeeled hard-boiled eggs can keep in the fridge for up to a week.

3. Salted Nuts

Salted nuts will provide you with keto-friendly nutrients and fatigue-fighting electrolytes. These snacks are especially valuable when you're in just starting the keto diet and are experiencing the keto flu. The added salt in this addictive snack can help you balance out your electrolyte levels and help you rehydrate.

The choice of salted nuts also matters. We suggest going for salted peanuts and almonds as they have the best balance of fat and proteins. Pistachios may be too high in carbs for keto beginners and nut mixes often contain cashews which have 10 g of net carbs in a handful. While you're munching on your favorite salted nuts, make sure you're drinking fluids to stay hydrated.

4. Pork Rinds

A snack you can enjoy guilt-free on a keto diet are pork rinds. Just like salted nuts, these are high in sodium. A 60 g serving also provide almost 400 calories and 30 g of fat. The fat in pork rinds consists of an almost equal amount of monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids and no trans fats – that is if the pork rinds were fried in lard and not shortening.

And as for their protein content, pork rinds will give you around 35 grams in the same serving. Unfortunately, this protein isn't high quality as pork rinds don't contain all essential amino acids. When buying pork rinds, make sure to read the label for any hidden carbs.

5. String Cheese

There's nothing more satisfying during mid-day crashes than a package of delicious string cheese. One piece provides around 80 calories, 6 g of fat, 6 g of protein, and just 1 g of carbs. It's also a great source of calcium and the fat-soluble vitamin A as well as B12.

One of the best things about having string cheese as a snack is that it's fun and convenient to carry anywhere with you. Another plus with string cheese is that you can add it to any other keto dish you may have at hand. Wrap it in bacon, dip it in guacamole, or eat it with salami and some flaxseed crackers.

6. Fat Bombs

These require a bit of preparation and planning. There are hundreds of fat bomb recipes floating around the Internet. And if you don't know what fat bombs are: they're bite-sized treats that deliver a hefty dose of fat and contain little to no carbs. They're also incredibly delicious when you make them right.

Fat bombs usually consist of three main ingredients: a fat base, protein-rich fillers, and flavorings. Chocolate peanut butter cups without the sugar are a good example of a fat bomb. To boost the nutritional and keto value of fat bombs, you can also add exogenous ketones or MCT oil to the mix.

7. Dark Chocolate

While milk chocolate is a no-no on keto, dark chocolate is ok as long as it's sugar-free and at least 80% cocoa solids. A couple of pieces of Lindt 90% dark chocolate will give you around 15 g of fat, 3 g of protein, and 4 g of net carbs.

Besides being rich in essential keto nutrients, dark chocolate also contains antioxidants that research has linked to a plethora of health benefits. Recent studies show chocolate to help with allergies, oxidative stress, inflammation, cancer, hyperglycemia, and anxiety [3]. There's also evidence that cocoa antioxidants enhance cognitive functioning [4].

8. Smoothies

A smoothie can be a snack, a meal, a drink, or even dessert depending on how you make it. On keto, you want to use full-fat ingredients and you want to add protein to the mix to make it filling. Keep in mind, though, that some studies show that liquid meals are not as filling as their solid equivalents [5]. Nonetheless, they're easy to gulp down when you most need them.

To make a keto smoothie, start with a milk base like almond or coconut milk. Then, add a low-carb vegetable or berries. Lastly, to give your smoothie texture and bulk, add nut butters, an avocado, or collagen peptides. To flavor your smoothie, add a non-nutritive sweetener, cocoa powder, cinnamon, lemon juice, or any other flavoring.

9. Sardines

Fish and other seafood are a valuable and rare source of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids make up much of your brain's cell membranes. They also reduce inflammation and help prevent cardiovascular disease, allergies, and autoimmune disorders [6].

A 3 ½ oz can of sardines will give you 1,360 mg of omega-3s, which is 80% of your RDI [6]. Of course, sardines also contain many other nutrients like protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. Sardines go well with some leafy greens and they're really tasty when drizzled with a bit of lemon juice.

10. Keto Bars

Keto bars will spare you unnecessary mess and hassle during your lunch breaks. These are just like energy bars but for the keto diet. They're highest in fat, moderate in protein, and have an only around 3 g net carbs. They're really helpful for when you really don't have time to eat anything for a pre-workout boost and they work for post-workout recovery.

Our Keto Bars come in 3 flavors: peanut butter chocolate, chocolate cookie dough, and chocolate coconut. They contain coconut oil, MCTs, prebiotic fiber, egg and milk proteins, salt, and other goodies for your keto diet. There are 240 calories in each and 180 of those calories are coming from fat.


You can't let hunger dictate your food choices on keto. That's why planning all your meals and snacks is so important. Whenever you plan to spend the day running errands, it's a good idea to bring a keto snack with you. The 10 options listed here are convenient, delicious, and filling. They will also definitely keep you in ketosis thanks to their perfect balance of keto macros.

For more snack ideas, visit our Recipes Section. There, you will also find hundreds of breakfast, dinner, and lunch ideas. And to learn more about keto nutrition, see our Quick Guide. Staying keto even when you're nowhere near your fridge is easy once you know what you can and cannot eat for ketosis.


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