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7 Best Keto Recipes for the 2019 Super Bowl

Published on: January 30, 2019

7 Best Keto Recipes for the 2019 Super Bowl

Every February, hundreds of millions of Americans gather around their TVs to watch the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 3, and this day is considered an unofficial holiday in the US. As is always the case with holidays, food will be front and center.

If you're planning to host this season's bash, then you're probably eager to find some Super Bowl snacks that will fit your keto diet plan. We've gathered 7 delicious and easy recipes we think you'll appreciate. But before you head on to the recipes, let's have a short rundown of Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an annually held championship game of the National Football League (NFL). And while the Super Bowl is US-based, it happens to be the most-watched single-day sporting event in the world.


It all began in the 1960s, when NFL and American Football League (AFL), which were rivals, negotiated an agreement to merge by 1970. The first Super Bowl was originally called “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” and was held in 1966. Later on, AFL Kansas City Chief’s owner proposed to call the game “Super Bowl.”

The NFL then split into the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The champions of each now play in the Super Bowl.

One important and interesting fact about Super Bowl is that it is the second-largest food consumption day, right after Thanksgiving.

7 Keto Super Bowl Snack Ideas That Will Make Your Game Day

The Big Game is a great occasion to indulge in delicious recipes like these  3 one-pot meals. But snacks seem to be everyone’s game day favorite; they’re easy to make, affordable, and delicious. Make them the day before the Big Game and share them with your keto loving guests.

1. Keto Caribbean Rum Punch

What better way to open a Super Bowl Ceremony than with a toast? While beer is definitely the number one drink imbibed on this special day, there’s no reason other drinks shouldn’t be on your menu as well. With that said, try this simple and quick Caribbean rum punch, especially if you're a fan of tropical flavors. We're sure your guests will love it too!

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2. Mini Keto Cheesecakes

Instead of regular cheesecake, make these lovely mini cheesecakes to fit the occasion. They're easy to eat in one bite and can feed a crowd of nine. The ingredients used you probably already have in your kitchen, which means less time spent shopping before the Big Game. Another great thing about this keto dessert is that it's incredibly good for you, providing ample amounts of fat and protein and less than 2g net carbs.

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3. Baked Mini Frittatas with Mushrooms

Don't think that egg-based food is only for breakfasts. Bite-sized meals are always great served on Super Bowl Sunday. These mini frittatas are no exception. As you'll see, these frittatas make for an enjoyable and satisfying snack option. Made with mushrooms and tangy cheese, they not only taste great, but are also filling thanks to the extra protein. It's best to make these melt-in-your-mouth frittatas just before the game.

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4. Deli Roast Beef and Cheese Platter

Running low on time before the Big Game? No problem! Just assemble this last-minute deli meat and cheese platter. It comes together in just 10 minutes and serves four. It's also perfectly balanced in keto nutrients and looks great as a table centerpiece. Serve it as is or with your favorite keto breads such as cloud bread or naan bread.

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5. Low-Carb Cheese Crackers

Let's face it, Super Bowl Sunday is never complete without a bowl of cheese crackers to keep everyone happy and occupied. These low-carb cheese crackers come together in just around 20 minutes and taste almost like Cheese Nips. They're made with a combination of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and a bit of rosemary for a touch of herbal flavors. Keep them in an air-tight container if making days ahead to keep fresh and crispy.

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6. Keto Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are another bite-sized party favorite that anyone can enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. To make chicken nuggets low-carb, all you need to do is skip the wheat flour and use almond flour in place of breadcrumbs like in this simple and quick recipe. If you're hosting a big gathering, feel free to double or triple the ingredients accordingly since this recipe serves only four people.

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7. Salmon Patties

These salmon cakes are flaky, tender, and loaded with spicy salmon flavor. With their crispy edges and soft center, they're sure to leave your guests wanting more. While this recipe calls for pink salmon, which is known for its delicate flavor, you can substitute with canned salmon or salmon in packets. Serve these patties with sugar-free tartar sauce or the avocado and cream sauce suggested in the original recipe.

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Everyone's excited about the Super Bowl. Some for the game, others for the halftime show, and many for the food. If you like snacking during the Big Game and you're on a keto diet, then make these 7 low-carb and tasty keto snacks.

Many of these recipes serve more than 4 people, which you'll find helpful if you're serving a crowd. For others, simply double or triple the ingredients where necessary. And most of all, make sure to have fun and avoid overindulging if you want to prevent Super Sick Monday.

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