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If I Can Do This, You Can Too.

If I Can Do This, You Can Too.

It’s hard for me to look at photos of myself from 2015-mid 2018, before I started living a Ketogenic lifestyle. I had gotten to a point where my grief and depression caused me to totally give up on myself, and I never thought I could recover.

On the left is one a rare image of me from my 2-year hiatus from taking photos. On the right is a photo that I took last week, before heading to work. I am so grateful that I get to work on improving myself and helping others reclaim their lives, through working at Kiss My Keto.

I lost a lot over the past few years... My long term boyfriend passed away and I lost friends, jobs, “looks,” and my belief in myself. My keto journey is not a magic, overnight transformation, but I’ll tell you that everything I’ve gained through my weight loss is so much more rewarding than the other things I’ve lost.

Not only do I look like “myself” again, but my happiness, energy levels, and mental state are the best they have been in...I think my whole life.

Customers always ask me what Kiss My Keto products I use for my personal weight loss.  Honestly, I recommend them all, and I've promoted many in my blog posts and emails.  But if I had to name the top 3 products that my weight loss depend on, it would be these:

1. MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel


I am obsessed with the MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel; It keeps me full and energized, and I’m pretty certain that it it plays a major role in my stable moods.  (Again, I’m not a doctor...just documenting my experience.)  I don’t travel without it...seriously, I brought it with me to jury duty! 

I start out my day by putting 3 pumps in my coffee, which keeps me full through about 2 pm.  The at 2 pm, I’ll either have a Keto Bar, an avocado, or another coffee with 3 pumps of MCT oil.

2. Keto Burn with BHB and Caffeine


These incredible capsules are the 3-for-one real deal.  They are exogenous ketones (for ketosis), caffeine (for energy without a crash), and bunch of amazing weight-loss-supporting herbs into easy-to-swallow pills.  Be forewarned: I’ve heard a few complaints about the smell, but it’s the apple cider vinegar powder which does amazing things for your metabolism and digestion.

I take these every morning with my coffee– 6 pills to be exact.  I’ll usually take another dose in the afternoon, if my appetite is starting to get unruly.

3. Keto Protein - Birthday Cake Flavor


I’m a sucker for anything that tastes like cake batter– ice cream, energy bars, you name it.  The Birthday Cake flavored Keto Protein is one of our latest products that I can’t get enough of.

By the end of the night, I usually find myself not only craving dessert, but also slightly short of my protein and carb macros.  This protein powder perfectly fulfills both my macros and my dessert cravings.  And with only 1 g net carbs, it’s also completely guilt-free.

Some of our recipe experts also created 10 awesome recipes using Birthday Cake Keto Protein, which you can find here: Keto Protein Birthday Cake Recipes

I have many other favorite products, but the ones I’ve listed above have helped me with weight-loss, specifically. 


I hope that writing about my experience and sharing my tips helps someone out there!  If it is, never feel shy to reach out or ask questions.  I’d always love to hear from you.  If I can inspire one person through my journey, then I will feel like my struggles were worth-while.

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