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Kate On Keto

Kiss My Keto & Self-Love: How They Help Me Succeed

Published on: December 13, 2018

Kiss My Keto & Self-Love: How They Help Me Succeed

I have never told anyone what my weight was when I when I started keto. Even when I was really thin, I was private about my weight because it's a topic people are generally critical about– especially where I live in LA.

When deciding on a weight loss goal for my keto journey, I sort of arbitrarily threw out the number of “45 lbs” to the public because, well, it felt like the right number to divulge.

It sounded like a lot, but it still wasn’t 50.

Truth is, I probably needed to lose about 50 lbs.

This morning, I weighed myself for the first time in 3 weeks.

3 weeks seems like a long time to not face the scale, but my team at Kiss My Keto is teaching me how to place just as much emphasis on how I feel as on what the scale says.

The more that I preach this to others, the more that I take on this attitude myself.

And focusing on my non-scale victories is just as rewarding as the scale-related ones:

  • My mood and energy-level are stable and high– (Thank you, MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel)
  • I very rarely feel anxious, if ever
  • My raging appetite has calmed down– (Thank you, Keto Burn with Exogenous Ketones)
  • Getting dressed in the morning is becoming fun instead of frustrating
  • I’ve stopped using an expensive serum to tighten my neck (RIP double chin)

The next time you feel like you're not making any progress, or considering giving up on keto, I want you to ignore what the scale is saying, take a pause, and ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

Seriously, make a list at that very moment that all of the non-measurable ways your life has improved.

If you can’t think of anything, I hope that you can recognize feelings of defeat are also proof of your effort. These feelings demonstrate that you value yourself enough to make a major change and take care of yourseld.

Try changing “Oh my gosh, I’m such a failure. I haven’t tracked my macros in two weeks," to “It’s so awesome that there's technology to help me track my macros. I’ve neglected it because it wasn’t my priority, but now I’m focusing my awareness on my intention to use it.”

If your goal is weight loss, I hope that you can enjoy the journey instead of fixating on the end goal.

My ability to enjoy the process of losing weight is the result of small but consistent efforts to celebrate my accomplishments.

Here's an example:

Everyday, I start and end my day by using the app “Five Minute Journal.” In the morning, the app prompts me to list 3 things that I'm grateful for, 3 things I will do to make my day great, and 1 daily affirmation.

At night, it prompts me to list 3 amazing things that happened that day and 1 way I could have made my day better.


I highly recommend this app for anyone who struggles with negative self talk, accountability, and feelings of failure, or to anyone who wants to cultivate more gratitude and self-love. For me, the transformation from self-hate to self-love and self-compassion has made my weight-loss journey so much more gratifying, and I PROMISE that it will do the same for you.

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