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Starting Keto: 8 Things I Wish I Knew

Starting Keto: 8 Things I Wish I Knew

During my first month on keto, there were days that I felt completely determined and utterly invincible. There were also days that I could barely get out of bed. Figuring out “the right way” to do keto for your body is definitely a process of trial and error. Nearly four months in on keto, I’m still figuring some things out. However, my first 3+ months on keto gave me some major takeaways.

To pass the wisdom on, I’ve compiled my top 8 tips for anyone starting the keto diet. Each item on this list is something that I WISH I’d known, or payed closer attention to, when I was transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle. I hope that it helps!


It’s no secret that keto flu is a major fear of those transitioning to keto. That’s why I recommend starting right before a weekend, or prior to another period of time during which you have a couple of days off. I made the switch to keto on a Friday which allowed me to spend Saturday and Sunday resting while my body adjusted.  Forcing your body to derive its energy from ketones, instead of glucose, is a pretty major switch!


The keto flu is different for everyone, and some people are lucky enough to not experience it at all.  My keto flu symptoms were weakness, nausea, exhaustion, and headaches. Since I have become keto-adapted, Kiss My Keto has released two products to provide relief from keto flu symptoms. Keto Replenish Electrolyte Powder and Keto Replenish Electrolyte Capsules support hydration and help symptoms of the keto flu.



In addition to electrolytes. potassium and magnesium can also help make the transition to keto less afflicting.  I found relief by taking 1000 mg of potassium and 500 mg of magnesium daily.


There’s a reason why every bottle of Kiss My Keto MCT Oil suggests easing MCT into your diet. Kiss My Keto recommends starting with 1 teaspoon, and gradually increasing your dose to the full 3 teaspoon serving over the course of several days. Initially, I followed these instructions...

One weekday morning I decided to take Kiss My Keto's signature pump off the bottle and simply pour my MCT oil straight into my coffee. I loved the way MCT oil made me feel, and my stomach could handle it– right?

WRONG. I spent the rest of the day sweating on the toilet, nauseous and struggling.

MCT oil’s effect on the body and brain is one of the coolest parts of the keto diet, but make sure to take it slow and follow all instructions on the label.


While I’m on the topic of digestion, I should mention that you will inevitably face constipation on keto. Cutting carbohydrates out of your diet cuts your fiber intake as well. In online keto forums, I’ve seen people post that they hadn’t had a bowel movement in up to two weeks!

When you’re selecting a fiber supplement, try to avoid gummies– they are usually laden with sugar and carbs (in the form of non-digestible fibers). I recommend Benefiber or Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse.


My first day working at Kiss My Keto was also my first day on keto. During my lunch break, I headed over to a nearby cafe and ordered a smoothie. Walking back to the office, smoothie in hand, I was eager to show off my healthy lunch to our co-founders, Alex and Michael. I hadn’t ordered anything with carbs or processed sugar– I’d ordered a nutritious smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals!

“What’s in the smoothie?” That was the first question Alex asked me.

I rattled off the ingredients with pride.

Little did I know, pineapple is loaded with sugar and carbs, and one banana has more carbs than I am supposed to eat in the entire day! I was also unsure whether or not the almond milk and almond butter in my smoothie were sweetened–and they probably were.

Before you go keto, do your research and compile a list of keto-friendly foods for your next trip to the grocery store. I highly recommend Kiss My Keto’s FREE Keto Grocery List tool. You can check off the keto-friendly food items that you like, and get a custom grocery list sent to your email. I wish I had known about it sooner!


If your goal is weight loss, tracking your macros is essential. Even if you follow a keto diet, you won’t lose weight if you’re consuming too many calories. In addition to being conscious of calorie intake, it is important to make sure that you are consuming “keto” ratios of fat, carbs, and protein.

Sounds complicated, right? Luckily, there are tons of apps available to help you track your macros. I use KetoDiet App, but MyFitnessPal is popular among keto dieters. To figure out which app is best for you, check out Kiss My Keto’s blog post on apps to track your macros.


When I was at my highest weight, it was difficult for me to look in the mirror, so you better believe I didn’t want to get in front of a camera. That being said, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take “before” photos and photos along the way. Not only will they motivate you, but the photos will also give you a sense of accomplishment.  Day-to-day, it is hard to see changes in your own body, but looking at photos over a period of time can help keep you going if you feel like giving up.

My Top Product Recommendations for Keto Beginners

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