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The Best Ketosis Meal Plan For The Winter [2019]

The Best Ketosis Meal Plan For The Winter [2019]

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We’ve created the best ketosis meal plan for the winter so you don’t have to worry about what to eat when it’s cold outside.

We understand that during the cold winter months, all you can think about is snuggling in your bed with a warm bowl of your favorite soup.

Well, guess what?

We’ve got your soups covered too.


Having a solid meal plan will:

  1. Help you buy and stock the right keto ingredients beforehand.
  2. Save you time when you have to decide what to eat.
  3. Speed up your meal prepping process if you have a busy schedule.
  4. Help resist the temptation to cheat because you already know what you’re going to eat and you have the ingredients ready.
  5. Help you avoid overeating.


The Best Time of the Year to Start a Diet

Six reasons why winter is the best time to get ready for the summer:

  1. Exercising, such as jogging, for instance, is much more relaxing to do in the winter than when it’s burning hot outside.
  2. You’ll be ahead of everyone: Your gym might be less packed in the winter than it is in the summer.
  3. Starting your keto diet in the winter gives you plenty of time to lose some weight and get in shape to rock your summer outfits.
  4. Some people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, and you might be one of them.
  5. More time to focus on fitness and diet than you would in the summer.
  6. People tend to sleep better in winter, and a good sleep helps with everything.


Going Through the Winter Without Breaking Your Keto Diet

Let’s be practical.

Sometimes, especially in the winter, there will be some days when you’re just not in the mood to eat your diet meals.

You might have times when all you want is a pizza and soda while you pull the blanket over you and watch Netflix.

And on some days, you might have a fever or cold that slows you down from your diet.


How can you combat those winter days on the keto diet?

1. Meal prepping is the key.

If you’re not familiar with meal prepping, it’s when you make a batch of meals at once and freeze or refrigerate them to eat throughout the week.

If you’re a soup lover, you can make a large batch of it and place it in storage bags in the freezer to be eaten throughout the week.

All you have to do is to defrost and warm the soup before eating.

You can do the same thing with all your meals.

Refrigerate or freeze them depending on how soon you plan on eating them after preparing them.


2. Have keto snacks on hand.

Keep some simple keto snacks like fat bombs and nuts to eat when you’re hungry but not in the mood to eat a proper meal.


3. Kick start your ketosis diet on the weekend.

We know what you’re thinking. Does starting your ketosis diet on the weekend sound like a mission impossible when you have other plans? It doesn’t have to be that way.


4. Remember that it’s all in your mind.

Train your mind to stop thinking of weekends as “cheat days.”

It might be a little harder in the beginning, especially if you love eating out on the weekends. But try your best to avoid the cheat day traps on weekends when you first start the keto regimen.

You can experiment with cheat days once you’ve become a seasoned keto dieter. However, you don’t want one cheat day to become two, three, or more when you’re just starting.


5. Make healthy swaps when eating out.

It’s not that difficult to stick to your keto diet if you happen to eat out during the weekends. You can swap the fries for some extra salad.

Remove the bun from your burger and eat only the meat patty with hot sauce.

Drizzle some more butter and/or olive oil on your food.


6. Satisfy your sweet tooth with keto-friendly desserts.

As mentioned earlier, fat bombs are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth on the keto diet. You can make them in large batches and store them in your refrigerator to eat when you want to.

Fancy some keto ice cream?

Blend frozen avocado, cocoa, and your choice of keto sweetener. You can also add coconut milk for some extra flavor.


11 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Get Started

  1. Use a keto calculator to determine your daily macros so you can work out and adjust them for each meal accordingly.
  2. Having your ingredients ready is the best thing you can do to avoid last minute delays in following your meal plan.
  3. Fresh ingredients such as meat can be stored in the freezer for several months.
different ingredient for making a meal arranged on a table
  1. Meal prepping is an excellent idea for winter and if you have a busy schedule.
  2. Having a few calories over or under your daily requirement on some days will not kick you out of ketosis, so don’t panic about it.
  3. Keto snacks are not a must, but fat bombs are great for satisfying your sweet tooth. Another big plus about fat bombs is that they’re super easy to make and can help you meet your daily fat requirement.
  4. Feel free to freeze or refrigerate any left over meals to eat later.
  5. You don’t have to force yourself to eat every meal, so feel free to skip a meal if you’re not hungry at all.
  6. Feel free to repeat or swap meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if that’s what’s convenient for you.
  7. Speaking of breakfast, you can entirely skip it and practice intermittent fasting instead for added benefits.
  8. Avoid the keto flu symptoms by meeting your daily recommended dosage of magnesium, sodium, and potassium. You can take magnesium in supplement form. Meanwhile, potassium is found in avocados and sodium can easily be replenished via pickles and/or sprinkling a generous amount of sea salt to your salads.


First-Week Winter Ketosis Meal Plan

Keep your meals as simple as possible when you’re starting.

This means you don’t have to get too fancy with ingredients that you’ve never tried before just because you saw it on a YouTube video.

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring though.

Another thing to remember is that, as mentioned earlier, you can repeat the same meal throughout the day or swap meals.

For instance, you can choose to have a breakfast meal for lunch and vice versa.

It’s up to you.

Keeping that in mind gives you more freedom and control over your keto diet plan for the winter. Here are two meal ideas per day that you can mix and match to suit your preferences.

NOTE: Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking you have to try out all of these recipes or follow them according to the meal plan. As mentioned above, if you want to repeat the same meal for several days, you can do that. Just be sure to keep an eye on your daily macros.


DAY 1:

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with cheese and avocado

Scramble two or three eggs in 2 tbsp of grass fed butter. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper on the eggs. Place half of a medium-size avocado on the side, and you’re good to go.

This recipe will easily make up a good portion of your daily calories.

Here’s a rough calorie estimate for each ingredient in this recipe. As you can see, this meal can easily add up to 600+ calories:

“2 eggs”

1 Egg, Scrambled

199 Calories per serving


½ avocado

205 Calories per serving

“2 tbsp butter”

2 tbsp Butter with salt

204 Calories per serving

“1 tbsp cheddar cheese”

1 tbsp Cheddar Cheese

28 Calories per serving



Total fat: 60.2g (Saturated fat: 26g)

Total carbs: 10.7g (Dietary fiber: 6.7g)

Total protein: 16.9g


Meal 2: Marinated butter-fried chicken



Here’s another super simple meal you can make and prep to be eaten throughout the week.

All you need is some chicken thighs, your choice of ingredients to marinate the chicken, and some butter.

Sample recipe:

  • Wash and pat dry the chicken.
  • Marinate it for 30 minutes to 1 hour in pepper, salt, chicken masala, and lemon juice.
  • You can also swap the chicken masala and lemon juice for Nandos hot sauce.
  • Pan fry the chicken in 3-4 tablespoons of butter for about 5 minutes on each side.
  • Bake the chicken for 25 minutes in a preheated oven.

Here’s a mouthwatering keto grilled chicken recipe we love.

TIP: You can eat the grilled chicken with a side

salad or chop it up and use it to make a chicken salad.


DAY 2:

Meal 1: Keto overnight “oats”

This is one of the easiest keto breakfast recipes you can try on lazy winter mornings. You’ll be making this delicious overnight “oats” with hemp hearts, chia seeds, and other ingredients like coconut milk which you can find in the full recipe here.

This keto oats recipe is vegan and gluten-free.


Meal 2: Creamy cauliflower rice chicken soup

How can this ketosis winter meal plan be complete without a delicious comfort soup recipe? Well, here you have it.

This chicken soup recipe calls for a variety of ingredients such as celery stalk, minced garlic, cream, cream cheese, green chilies, and more.


DAY 3:

Meal 1: Quick broccoli chicken

Here’s another keto meal you can make in advance to be eaten throughout the week. The recipe will yield four servings and contains about 432 calories.

You’ll love the combination of chili flakes, Dijon mustard, and balsamic vinegar in this broccoli chicken recipe


Meal 2: Zucchini pasta with chicken & pistachios

Craving some pasta on a winter night?

Try this Zucchini pasta with chicken and pistachios. It makes roughly 2-4 servings.


DAY 4:

Meal 1: Avocado toad in the hole



This is a simple but delicious baked avocado egg recipe that has 261 calories per ser­ving. It has a total of 20g of fat, 14g of protein, and 3g of net carbs per serving.

Not only is it super easy to make because of the simple ingredients, but the prep time and cook time combined is only 25 minutes.


Meal 2: Mozzarella chicken in homemade tomato sauce

The total cook time of this delicious Mozzarella chicken recipe is 30 minutes.

It has 385 calories per serving.



Fat: 25.4g

Carbs: 7.3g

Protein: 31.7g


DAY 5:

Meal 1: Keto mac and cheese skillet casserole

This keto mac and cheese casserole is perfect for winter. It yields ten servings so you can refrigerate it to eat throughout the week.

It’s also great when you have visitors over and want to make something for dinner without compromising your keto diet.


Meal 2: Spinach egg omelet

Nothing too fancy with this one. All you have to do is to fry two eggs in 2 tbsp of butter with salt and pepper. Throw in some fresh spinach, and you’re good to go.


DAY 6:

Meal 1: Low carb beef and cheesy chile

Casserole recipes like this low carb beef and cheesy chile are a real delight for keto dieters. The total cook time for this one is 60 minutes, and it yields eight servings.


Meal 2: Keto lasagna anyone?

The total cook time of this keto lasagna recipe is 1 hour and 10 minutes. It’s so worth it because it tastes “just like the real thing” according to the author, Kyndra.

It yields four servings, and is ideal for meal prepping.


DAY 7:

Meal 1: Keto pancakes

Make keto pancakes with almond flour. This recipe has a total of 339 calories per serving (4 pancakes), and the recipe yields eight pancakes.


Meal 2: Chicken curry with cauliflower rice

Make your chicken curry with coconut oil if you’re not a fan of spicy curries and enjoy it with delicious homemade cauliflower rice.


Second Week of The 3-Week Ketosis Meal Plan

DAY 1:

Meal 1: Bulletproof coffee



Don’t feel like eating anything but want to feel energized until your next meal?

Drink a strong cup of bulletproof coffee with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. It tastes great and helps you reap the benefits of intermittent fasting.

You can replace all of your breakfast meals with bulletproof coffee and practice intermittent fasting every day or a few times a week, depending on your mood.


Meal 2: Boiled egg masala with broccoli and avocado

Saute two boiled eggs in butter, 1 tsp chili powder, salt, and garlic powder. Eat them with steamed broccoli and ½ avocado.


DAY 2:

Meal 1: Cauliflower crusted grilled cheese

A simple and delicious dinner or lunch recipe with cauliflower and cheese. It contains 308 calories per serving.


Meal 2: Spinach quiche cups

Another name for this recipe is baked spinach egg muffins. They’re easy to make, and this recipe is also something you can prepare in advance to save you time and energy on winter mornings.


DAY 3:

Meal 1: Stir-fried zucchini noodles


If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, zucchini is popular in the keto diet world. You can make chips, mini sandwiches, and pasta out of zucchini. This recipe has a total of 137 calories per serving and yields four servings.


Meal 2: Low carb kung pao chicken

Feel like having some Chinese cuisine for dinner? This is a delicious Chinese stir-fry chicken recipe that has a total of 415 calories per serving.


DAY 4:

Meal 1: Ground beef and cabbage stir fry

This ground beef stir fry recipe can be eaten for both dinner and lunch. Avoid the carrots from this recipe to make it perfect for keto. It has a total of 410 calories per serving.


Meal 2: Loaded cauliflower

This keto-friendly casserole recipe uses cauliflower, butter, chives, cheese, and bacon. It’s one of the most favored low carb comfort foods and has only 199 calories per serving.


DAY 5:

Meal 1: Salmon gremolata with roasted vegetables

This salmon recipe contains flavorful ingredients such as zested lemon, almond flour, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and parsley leaves. It has a total of 494 calories per serving.


Meal 2: Tuna fish salad



Here’s a colorful tuna salad with tasty ingredients like kalamata olives, Himalayan salt, balsamic vinegar, and more. It has a total of 563 calories, and the full macronutrient info can be found on the recipe page.


DAY 6:

Meal 1: Low carb cauliflower mac and cheese

Cauliflower mac and cheese is a popular keto comfort food you can enjoy during the winter. This recipe yields four servings and has 294 calories per serving.


Meal 2: West African groundnut spicy chicken soup

Craving a different type of comfort soup?

You’ve got to try this West African groundnut chicken soup because it’s unique and low carb. This soup has 389 calories per serving.


DAY 7:

Meal 1: Coconut chicken

This coconut chicken can be prepped and cooked in 30 minutes. It yields four

servings and has 286 calories per serving. You can eat it on its own or with a salad on the side.


Meal 2: White chicken chili

If you’re a fan of chile dishes, then this White chicken chili is a must try. It has 481 calories per 1 cup serving and the total cook time is 45 minutes.


Third Week 21 Day Ketosis Meal Plan

DAY 1:

Meal 1: Cauliflower hash brown egg cups

These hash brown egg cups are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. The total cook time for this recipe is 35 minutes, and it yields 12 cups. Each serving has only 98 calories.


Meal 2: Avocado cucumber egg salad


You’ll never get bored of eating avocados and eggs on the keto diet. Here’s a simple and mouth-watering avocado recipe with a paprika twist.

You can eat this salad on its own or with another dish like grilled meat.


DAY 2:

Meal 1: Keto buffalo chicken soup

This spicy buffalo chicken soup is tasty comfort food for winter. One thing you’ll love about this recipe is the total cook and prep time, which is only 10 minutes.

It calls for simple ingredients like cream cheese, salt, pepper, and hot sauce.


Meal 2: Greek chicken bowls

This is a filling chicken bowl meal which contains Greek-marinated chicken, cucumber salad, tzatziki, red onion, and tomato. It also has rice, but you can swap the rice with more chicken or some steamed broccoli.

Another thing you’ll notice on the recipe page is that this recipe has been created with meal prepping in mind. You can make it in a large batch to eat for lunch or dinner for a whole week.


DAY 3:

Meal 1: Low carb Shepherd’s pie

If you’re a fan of Shepherd’s pie, you’ll love this low carb version of it made with cauliflower mash. It’s a win-win for winter time, and the recipe is free from gluten, wheat, and grain.

Total cook time is 50 minutes, and it yields five servings with 475 calories per serving. You can enjoy it with your family or keep it refrigerated to eat another day.


Meal 2: Easy chicken fajita bake


This chicken fajita bake requires the same if not less effort than a crock pot recipe. It only contains six ingredients which makes it easy to prepare.

All you have to do is to lay the chicken breasts on the tray as instructed on the recipe page and bake for 35-45 minutes at 375 F.


DAY 4:

Meal 1: Stir-fried keto vegetables and fish

Pick your choice of keto vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and stir-fry them in butter and seasoning.

You can marinate the fish and bake or pan fry it.

It’s a simple recipe and something you can meal prep.


Meal 2: Keto pizza

Is winter tempting you to place an order for pizza? You can, but if you do, be sure only to eat the topping and not the bread.

Or, you can make your pizza at home to avoid facing that temptation.

The cook time for this keto pizza is 50 minutes, and it yields 8-12 servings.


DAY 5:

Meal 1: Cauliflower fried rice

Simple cauliflower fried rice contains peas, green onion, and sesame oil. It also has pork, but you can swap it for chicken if you don’t eat it or remove it entirely if you’re following a vegan diet.

The total cook time for this recipe is 45 mins.


Meal 2: Keto french toast


For this French toast recipe, you need to make your bread out of almond flour and then make your french toast the way you would with normal bread. Replace sugar with stevia or erythritol.


DAY 6:

Meal 1: Keto winter taco soup

Another filling and delicious keto soup recipe to satisfy your comfort food craving for this winter is Keto Winter Taco Soup. The total cook time for this recipe is only 25 minutes. It yields four servings and contains 201 calories per serving.


Meal 2: Italian baked eggs and vegetables

This recipe calls for zucchini, tomato, onion, eggs, parmesan cheese, and a few other ingredients that will be baked in custard cups. However, the veggies are roasted first and then the eggs are added in the format described on the recipe page.

This recipe contains 149 calories per serving.


DAY 7:

Meal 1: Baked salmon with cauliflower rice

Choose your favorite recipe for baking the salmon and enjoy it with cauliflower rice. Lemon garlic baked salmon is a great choice, or you can also enjoy your salmon marinated in your favorite hot sauce.


Meal 2: Keto flatbread and egg omelet



Make your keto bread using coconut flour and psyllium husk and eat with a nice egg omelet. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese on it if you like.



Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t stick with your keto diet. Don’t let anything, even the cold weather, get in the way of a healthy keto lifestyle! Our 3-week meal plan simplifies decision-making and saves you a lot of time in food prep especially if you have a busy schedule.



  • A solid keto diet meal plan speeds up meal prepping, keeps temptation at bay, and prevents overeating.
  • Batch cooking, having keto snacks ready, and making healthy swaps when eating out are just some of the ways to avoid breaking your keto diet.
  • Some common keto foods and ingredients include eggs, avocado, cheese, butter, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, beef, spinach, bacon, lemon, and almond flour.

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