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Eyeballs with Olive and Cheese

Eyeballs with Olive and Cheese

Published on: September 26, 2019

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This is a fun and tasty Halloween snack, entrée, or platter meal. Made with mini mozzarellas stuffed with pimento olives and decorated with a bit of red food coloring for that freshly plucked eyeball effect. You can make these a couple of hours ahead and serve them with keto bread and your favorite beverage.

Eyeballs With Olive and Cheese

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serves: 10



  • 10 pimento-stuffed olives
  • 10 mini mozzarella balls
  • Red food coloring
  • A drop or two of water



  • 1Pat dry the mozzarella balls with a paper towel.
  • 2Make a hole in each mozzarella ball using the end of a wooden spoon.
  • 3Stuff the mozzarella balls with the olives.
  • 4Combine ¼ teaspoon of the red food coloring (in powder) with few drops of water to get a nice paste.
  • 5Place the top of a toothpick into the color and draw red lines around the olives, to resemble eyeball blood lines.
  • 6Serve.


Tips & Tricks

  • Use Baybybel cheese if you can’t find mini mozzarella balls at your local store.
  • This snack is best made fresh since cheese tends to oxidize if left out for too long.
  • For easier color application, use a food marker instead.