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11 Fitness Motivation Tips to Get Healthy

Published on: February 20, 2019

11 Fitness Motivation Tips to Get Healthy

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever made a promise to yourself get fit, only to break that promise the next day?

You slept late at night. You hate to exercise alone. Work stressed you out and you just want to watch TV. The weather sucks. When life gets in the way, even the best intentions fail. Sometimes, we make excuses ourselves because we hate to do the work!

Do you find yourself in this situation? We prepared these eleven fitness motivation tips to push you into making your goals happen. Keep reading.

Setting Your Fitness Goals

Goal setting plays a big role in helping you to achieve fitness. But it’s not just the goals themselves that you should pay attention to. It’s also how you set those goals.

First of all, don’t set too many fitness goals. It would be impossible to lose weight, increase flexibility, and follow a strict diet at once. Focus on a few that you can keep up with. Make sure that these goals are specific.

One study showed that the immediate benefits of a goal influenced a person’s persistence. In the study, gym-goers who were looking for enjoyment (immediate benefit) exercised longer [1]. When setting goals, think about the immediate outcome you’ll gain. Enjoyment is one.

Putting Your Fitness Goals in Action

The next step is to make your goals happen. If there’s a perfect time for acting, that time is now. Remember that there is power in the present moment. “Now” is all you ever have to start transforming your life.

Take the easiest step you can think of. That step can be as simple as signing up for a gym membership or a brisk 15-minute walk around your neighborhood.


11 Effective Fitness Motivation Tips to Help Achieve Your Goals

1. Get new workout clothing.

Ever wondered why some clothes make you feel good about yourself? More research tells us that clothing affects our mental and physical performance [2]. We call this phenomenon enclothed cognition. That said, buy a new workout attire that looks good on you and helps you envision yourself as an athlete or fitness expert.

2. Use a fitness app.

There’s no shortage of apps that make working out convenient. There’s an app for every workout imaginable – yoga, running, bodyweight workouts, and more. You have no excuse for not having a piece of equipment or going to the gym because it’s raining outside. Many fitness apps also provide personalized coaching and opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

3. Ask the right questions.

We often ask ourselves questions that stop us from achieving our goals. An example of a negative question is this: “Why am I so lazy?” Start asking better questions. If you do, you will be surprised at how easy it is to arrive at solutions. Missed a workout? Ask yourself, “What will be my next best step?”

4. Follow a role model.

Role models make your fitness journey interesting. They help you realize how beneficial working out is. They share tips for staying fit regardless of your schedule, budget, and workout space. Your role model can be someone whose life transformed through an active lifestyle. He or she can also be a celebrity.

5. Gain support from others

In a study that involved 1,479 students, results showed that adolescents who received more support from their peers had stronger school compliance [3]. One of the best motivation tips for fitness is finding a support system. Family members and friends who understand your goals can help you stay disciplined.


6. Don't overtrain yourself.

Exercise is enjoyable up to a certain point. When you overwhelm yourself with workouts, eventually, you will lose motivation. Recovery is as important as training. Rest and recovery don’t only prevent fatigue, they also decrease your risk of injury [4]. Make sure to replenish your energy stores. Get enough sleep.

7. Reward yourself.

If you need a serious boost in motivation at the start of your fitness journey, consider rewarding yourself. Rewards aren’t effective in creating lasting habits. However, they can be a solid motivator to start a new behavior like working out or eating healthily [5].


8. Read inspirational fitness books.

Books don’t just teach you the science of fitness, but they also offer encouragement. You might be able to find positive quotes that will help you power through challenging workouts and follow a dietary regimen.

9. Get rid of perfectionism.

Too often, we wait for the perfect circumstances before we take action. Perfectionism is a problem because it rejects mistakes. When you’re journeying to a healthier and fitter you, it’s normal to fail every now and then. Errors are part of the process. Beat perfectionism by focusing on your own performance. Stop comparing. Forgive yourself for the poor food choices you made yesterday.

10. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Anything can count as a workout if you pick up the pace. Daily activities that double as exercise include raking the yard, walking the dog, playing with the kids, and washing the dishes. At work, exercise would mean taking the stairs or sitting less.

11. Learn to embrace discomfort.

Facing your fears helps you overcome them. Instead of avoiding the thing you hate, for example, shoulder exercises, do them. By allowing yourself to experience the discomfort, you re-train your brain. You get outside your comfort zone.


We hope that these fitness motivation tips pave the way for success. Start by setting your goals the right way. If you look at fitness as a life-long journey, you will commit yourself to a lifetime of hard work and perseverance.


  • Start small when setting fitness goals.
  • Take advantage of the present moment to make your goals happen.
  • Buy new workout clothes to put you in the mood for exercise.
  • Download a fitness app for convenience and fewer excuses.
  • Reframe your questions.
  • Look up to a role model in fitness.
  • Get support from others.
  • Prioritize rest and recovery.
  • Reward yourself at the start of your fitness journey.
  • Read fitness books that educate and inspire.
  • Beat perfectionism.
  • Turn simple activities into workouts.
  • Get comfortable with discomfort.


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