Learn How to Kick Start Ketosis Today

Learn How to Kick Start Ketosis Today

There comes a time when you gather enough keto knowledge that you’re ready to graduate to the next stage: putting this information into action. This article will tell you the nine steps you need to take to get started.

Step 1. Find Your Motivation


Motivation is an energy, one that will keep you going when things get difficult. Most people use food to swallow down and hide from negative emotions. This means that when we are feeling sad, upset or annoyed our ‘helpful’ ego will suggest carb heavy foods like cakes, bread, biscuits and ice-cream to push down the unwanted feelings.

When you find yourself in an ego battle it is very helpful to have a strategy planned in advance and have your allies in place to win the fight. Understanding the long term reasons why you want to go keto will fuel your motivation. Having an inspiring vision will help you avoid the instant gratification of ego driven food decisions.

We highly recommend writing a list of the benefits you want from going keto and what they mean to you. For example “Losing 50lb” is not as motivating as “Losing 50lb so I can move with freedom and feel confident, sexy and proud of my body.”

When you have your motivation clear, write it out, put it on a poster, put a post-it on your mirror, put a card in your wallet – use any method possible to keep a focus on your motivation. Frequently reminding yourself why you’re doing keto will keep your motivation high.

Step 2. Gather Knowledge

Understanding how the keto diet works is essential for your success. There is always more to learn, which is why we have created an entire Ketoacademy dedicated to helping you understand how to get going, optimize and master your body using ketosis.

Step 3. Recipe Research

This is a step many people seem to miss out, but it is crucial. You know what the keto diet is, what foods you need to eat and why, but, you also need to work out what YOU want to eat. You need to decide what specific recipes, meal ideas, food combinations and suggested snacks would work for you. Food should be enjoyed, and this is no different for a keto diet.
You can create tasty and satisfying meals which meet your physical and mental needs. But to do this you need to work out what is right for you. What makes a meal satisfying for you? Consider: flavors, textures, tastes, temperature, sauces and beverages. What is it that you like? By reflecting on the foods you currently enjoy, and why, it can help you find enjoyable alternatives.
Doing some research into keto recipes (and there are literally thousands upon thousands available online) will inspire you to find what works for you. We are all different and it’s important to research your taste, cooking and recipe preferences. Taking the time to find foods you enjoy will make it much easier to stick with the diet.
Never eat foods you don’t like or don’t want (even if your Grandma did make a cake especially for you!) as in the long run this will sabotage your motivation and success. Research recipes, define your preferences, assert your needs and only eat what you enjoy, but keep it keto.

Step 4. Prepare Yourself

You need to prepare yourself and your kitchen for your first week on keto. We strongly recommend having a kitchen detox: go through all the cupboards, draws, fridge and freezer. Remove all the high-carb substances (cakes, sweets, bread, crackers, cereals). And get rid of, or use-up, any processed foods as virtually all of them contain hidden sugars.
Once you have detoxed your kitchen from foods that you will no longer be eating you are ready to re-stock your cupboards with you new keto favorites. For the first week we suggest you put extra effort into planning out meals, snacks and beverages. This will make it much easier when you know exactly what you are going to eat.
You can also shop for what you need in advance. If you run out of food and have to go to the supermarket unprepared and hungry it is an accident waiting to happen. Be kind to yourself and make the first week as easy as possible by preparing your kitchen and yourself for the first steps of your keto journey.

Step 5. Get Support

We really recommend you share your journey with somebody who can support you such as a trusted friend or family member who can lend emotional support or maybe even practical advice. Let them know you are embarking on a journey to improved wellbeing and along the way you might need a hug or two. You may even want to enroll some friends to go keto with you.

There are online keto communities where you can ask questions, post comments, share suggestions and celebrate your successes.

Also, if you share your household with others we also strongly recommend protecting yourself from the addictive food habits of others. Consider some of these options: suggest they join you on the keto diet and sharing the immense health benefits. Asking for their support by keeping high carb foods hidden away. Ask if they are willing to eliminate the most toxic foods (so you don’t have to see cookies on the kitchen counter top.) Explain to them what you are doing, and why, and ask them to consider your needs.

Improving your health by going keto will take practical, emotional and physical effort, but the rewards will be immense. Finding people to support you, and your decision to improve your wellbeing, will help you get through any tough times and by recognizing your progress they can also help you to sustain your success.

Step 6. Go Keto

Pick a date and go keto! Either dive right in, or gradually increase fats and reduce carbs. It’s up to you.

Some people like to experiment a bit first and find some tasty new meals before giving up old foods. Others prefer to go for it and get straight into ketosis to get maximum benefits immediately.

Choose what is right for you and remember to keep yourself hydrated to minimize adaption symptoms. In addition to planning your meals, we recommend tracking them too, at least for the first week or two.

Writing down what you eat and capturing how you feel afterwards in a keto journal can help you troubleshoot problems and highlight success. For example, “Day 3 – mascarpone cheese with buttered veg, felt crap afterwards, no more mascarpone for me!” “Day 4 – broccoli, hazelnut oil and salmon, delicious, felt energized and positive after eating.”

Record your food and how you feel so you can see patterns, progress and spot any problems early on. Choose your start date, choose your method (gradual or rapid) and go keto!

Step 7. Monitor Progress

After 2-3 days you should be able to confirm you are in ketosis (after your body has used up any carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver). Look out for the signs that you are in ketosis (thirst, smell, appetite, energy and clarity).

Consider testing for ketones using your urine, breath or blood with test strips or a meter. Also take baseline measurements which help you complete your smart goals, for example:

  • Weighing yourself
  • Measuring waist circumference
  • Taking some photos

If your goal is weight loss, try to avoid weighing yourself too often. Your weight can change by up to 4lb in a day due to many factors. If you weigh yourself daily it can be very demotivating if you lose less than expected. We recommend weighing yourself weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The longer you leave it the more exciting it is to see how much weight you have lost.

Step 8. Get Resourceful

This is a journey, starting is just the beginning. New habits and lifestyle changes take time to embed so finding more recipes, sharing ideas and gathering more knowledge will keep your keto adventure fresh and interesting. We have loads of resources to help you feel inspired and motivated to continue.

Step 9. Keep Going

You will get immediate benefits, but, the majority of keto benefits are long term. If you make a mistake, get tempted to eat a cake, or even chose to eat non-keto for a period of time don’t let this be a reason to give up, keep going! You only fail if you choose to give up.

You may have been eating the standard Western high carb diet for decades.If this is the case it will take you time to mentally, emotionally and practically adapt to your new keto lifestyle. With time and by supporting yourself with the foods, people and resources you need you will fuel your motivation and success. Move on from any mistakes, pick yourself up, acknowledge your achievements and keep it keto!

To Summarize

  • Step 1. Find Your Motivation
  • Step 2. Gather Knowledge
  • Step 3. Recipe Research
  • Step 4. Prepare Yourself
  • Step 5. Get Support
  • Step 6. Go Keto!
  • Step 7. Monitor Progress
  • Step 8. Get Resourceful
  • Step 9. Keep Going!

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