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C8 MCT Oil: A Keto Power Booster

Published on: June 25, 2018

C8 MCT Oil: A Keto Power Booster

If you ever searched for keto supplements, you likely came across something called C8 MCT oil. It's a concentrated source of pure C8 MCT, which is a unique type of fat also called caprylic acid or octanoic acid.
C8 MCT is naturally present in coconut oil, but only in miniscule amounts. That's why you need to get it in its purified form.
Keto dieters use C8 MCT because it enhances fat burning while increasing energy levels. That's not a marketing gimmick or quackery, it's pure science. There are thousands of studies to date showing the effectiveness of C8 MCT in weight loss and other benefits [1].
To learn everything about C8 MCT oil, read our overview below. You'll find out what it is, how it's made, and what science has to say about it.

About MCTs

"MCTs" is short for medium-chain triglycerides. These are types of saturated fats with a glycerol backbone and three fatty acids. The term "medium-chain" means they have a carbon atom chain of a medium chain length (6–12 carbon atoms).
You can get MCTs from coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and dairy products. These foods contain varying amounts of MCTs. They also contain different types of MCTs which include the following four:
  • C6 – Caproic Acid

    Caproic acid is a colorless, oily liquid with a goat's cheese flavor and odor. Manufacturers use it mostly to make flavorings. You're not likely to find it sold as a keto supplement even though it also helps boost ketone production.

    • C8 – Caprylic Acid

    Currently the best fat for ketone production, weight loss, and energy. Its popular among keto dieters and even as alternative medicine due to its powerful antimicrobial and cancer-fighting action.

    • C10 – Capric Acid

    Next in line of popular keto fats is capric acid. It takes your body a but longer to process C10 into ketones, but it's more affordable than C8.

    • C12 – Lauric Acid

    The most affordable and available of the MCTs, lauric acid is the major constituent of coconut oil. It also has powerful antimicrobial action, but not near as much as C8 MCT.

    Why Chain Length is Important

    The numbers you see above define the length of their carbon chains. The shorter the chain, the easier it is for your body to break down and use fats. For example, for your body to use long-chain fats (LCFs), it needs digestive enzymes, bile, and transport proteins.
    That's not the case with MCTs. Stomach acids easily break down MCTs into free medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and glycerol. These compounds then enter the small intestine from where they're freely absorbed and sent to the liver.
    In the liver, MCFAs are used to make ketones. Those that do not reach the liver, your body uses for immediate energy. Because not all cells in your body can run on fatty acids (read: brain cells), it needs to make ketone bodies as an alternative fuel.
    Another important thing worth mentioning is that your body doesn't store MCTS as body fat unlike LCFs and carbs. That's why they're such a valuable tool for weight loss and immediate energy. What's more, studies also show that MCTs don't clog your arteries like some other fats, even if taken in large amounts [2].

    Why Not Just Go for Coconut Oil?

    All MCT oils are made from coconut and even palm kernel oils as these are natural sources of high-quality MCTs. In fact, coconut oil is at least 65% MCTs. Half of the MCTs in coconut oil come in the form of lauric acid (C12). So, why not just take coconut oil instead of C8 MCT oil?
    Because coconut oil does not perform as well as MCT oil in practice. It's also not as concentrated, as already explained, in MCTs. It also is highest in lauric acid, which is not as powerful as the other MCTs in boosting energy and weight loss.
    However, lauric acid is affordable, and studies show kill bacteria, yeast, and viruses [3]. It also protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer [4, 5]. Another plus is that lauric acid has a higher smoking point than the other three MCTs, making it suitable for cooking and frying.
    However, there's a lot of debate about lauric acid being a true MCT. It's has the longest chain length of the four MCTs, putting it closer to the LCFs group. But it does act like a true MCT in your body. Still, its longer carbon tail means it takes a longer time for you body to process lauric acid.
    Still, studies show that MCT oil outperforms coconut oil when it comes to appetite suppression and weight loss [6, 7].

    Coconut Oil vs C8 MCT Oil

    Compared to coconut oil which is only 65% MCTs, pure C8 MCT oil is 99% MCTs. What’s more, this popular keto supplement contains the highest-quality MCT there is. Besides that, here are other differences between coconut oil and C8 MCT oil worth noting:
    • C8 MCT suppresses appetite
    • C8 MCT oil leads to weight loss
    • Coconut oil has minimal effect on appetite and weight loss
    • Coconut oil has weaker antimicrobial properties
    • Coconut oil is affordable
    • Coconut oil is easier on your stomach
    C8 and C10 are rare in nature and comprise around 8% of coconut oil [8]. Being so rare also increases its value, so you'll notice that both C10 and C8 MCT oil are expensive.

    Other Reasons C8 MCT Oil Is Better

    Whichever MCT oil you choose, you can't go wrong. But C8 MCT oil is the best one so far when it comes to weight loss and energy. Studies on this particular MCT also demonstrate its power. For example, one study found that caprylic acid is an effective treatment for hard-to-control conditions like [9]:
    • Frequent urination
    • ncontinence
    • Upper respiratory infections
    • Tooth infections
    • ALS
    Most of these benefits come from the powerful antimicrobial action of C8 MCT. However, for keto dieters, C8 MCT oil is useful in boosting ketone production, weight loss, and energy levels.
    Caprylic acid has the shortest chain length of the fatty acids in coconut oil. This makes it particularly easy to absorb and use for immediate energy. In case you're wondering why C6 (caproic acid) isn't part of the MCT oil talk: it's hard to extract, has a bad taste, and is harsh on your stomach.
    C8 MCT oil, on the other hand, is easier on your stomach and is virtually flavorless. It's not suitable for cooking, though due to its low smoke point. Studies on C8 MCT oil show that it suppresses appetite, up-regulates genes involved in cellular energy production, and enhances metabolism [10, 11].

    C8 MCT Oil on a Keto Diet

    Keto dieters use C8 MCT oil to suppress appetite, boost energy, and increase ketone production. You will find this product sold as pure oil, in capsules, and even as a powder. All work equally well in helping you reach your specific keto goals.
    Your body processes C8 MCT oil much quicker than other fats and carbohydrates to make energy. That's why you'll notice a rise in energy within minutes of taking C8 MCT oil. Adding it to your morning coffee or smoothie will help you jump-start your day with loads of easily-accessible energy.
    If weight loss is your main goal, C8 MCT oil will also be your ally. Like all MCTs, C8 MCT oil suppresses appetite, enhances mitochondrial energy production, and gives instant energy. Although it is a type of fat, your body does not store any of it, especially when you're on a keto diet.
    However, it can be harsh on your stomach. That's why it's a good idea to take it along with your favorite keto meal. It's also a good idea to start taking C8 MCT slowly until your stomach gets used to it. One to two tablespoons of pure C8 MCT oil is a safe starting point.

    Choosing the Best C8 MCT Oil  

    When purchasing C8 MCT oil, here's what you need to look for:
    • Check Ingredients

    Look for MCT oils without fillers, flavorings, and additives whenever possible. This will help you stick to your macros and give you the full range of benefits of MCT.

    • Read the Label

    Read the label to see if the product contains only C8 MCTs or a combination of several different MCTs. Make sure the label says C8 MCT oil, so you're getting the benefits of this particular triglyceride.

    • Check for Purity

    During the manufacturing process, some products can end up having more C6 MCT than optimal. This particular fat can be irritating on your digestive system, causing extreme nausea and even diarrhea. Make sure the product you are using comes from a reputable source to avoid this.

    At Kiss My Keto, we offer MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel. The product is 100% pure C8 MCTs to give you a quick boost of mental energy. You'll feel the effects within 20 minutes of taking it. It's also unflavored, going well with your coffee, smoothie, and salad.

    Best Way to Take MCT Oil

    To reap the benefits of C8 MCT oil, all you need to do is take it. What time of day or with which food or beverage doesn't matter. However, for maximum efficiency and best results, we suggest trying out the following:

    Add it to your morning coffee

    Keto coffee is coffee infused with fat. You can add butter but C8 MCT oil also works. Keto coffee gives you a slow release of long-lasting energy because the added fat slows down the absorption of caffeine. Keto coffee also boosts ketone production on days you plan to fast.

    Take three servings a day

    Avoid taking more than the recommended amount of servings. Going overboard won't increase your ketone production any more than staying within daily limits. You also get to keep digestive upset at bay by keeping your daily dose low.

    Add it to your meals

    C8 MCT oil is virtually flavorless. That's why you want to add it to your favorite meals or beverages for palatability. You won't know the oil is there while getting all those promised benefits of greater energy and appetite control.

    Start with MCT oil

    Keto beginners can benefit greatly from taking C8 MCT oil. That's because most of us don't have enough fat digesting enzymes when we first begin the keto diet. C8 MCT oil does not require enzymes and are easy for your body to turn into ketones.
    Besides the above tips, you can use MCT oil before fasting. It won't kick you out of ketosis and will even enhance it. MCT oil is also great for workouts because your body can use it to make energy. Taking MCT oil before a workout also spares muscle glycogen, helping with longer, strenuous activity.


    Taking C8 MCT oil is one of the best ways to upgrade your keto diet. It's a superior oil when it comes to weight loss and energy production, in particular. It enhances both mental and physical energy because your body prefers using it for this purpose instead of storing it.
    Compared to other MCTs, caprylic acid is also the highest-quality triglyceride available. It can't compare to lauric acid in terms of health benefits and efficiency. That's why going for this particular type of MCT supplement will show immediately on your results.
    Besides that, C8 MCT provides additional health benefits like cardiovascular system protection and cancer prevention, among others. Make sure the product you're buying is from a reputable source and containing pure C8 MCT oil. This way, you'll ensure that you're getting more bang for your buck.

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