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Early Days: Fat Bombs & Other Keto Terminology

Early Days:  Fat Bombs & Other Keto Terminology

So you’ve been learning all about keto and you’ve started to put that knowledge into action. But now you need more knowledge to help you on your way, and no one could blame you for returning to a trusted source of useful info! In this article we’re going to look at the mental transition to keto and explain some common keto terminology you might not be familiar with.

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

The basic concepts of keto are really simple (high fat, moderate protein, minimal carb). But, the mental and practical steps to implement a totally new way of thinking about, preparing and consuming
food can be overwhelming at first. Luckily for you, we’re here to gradually and gently guide you through all the knowledge, steps and solutions needed to boost your keto confidence.
It’s important to remember that most of us have been eating a ‘traditional’ carbohydrate based diet for several decades. This means the thoughts, feelings, emotions and associations with food have been deeply imbedded since childhood. So changing how you relate to food may feel like an uphill struggle at first. As you probably already noticed, any change which takes you outside of your usual behaviour, or comfort zone, is initially difficult.
But, as you transition you will become more familiar with how to effectively nourish yourself on keto. As you start to see the benefits of keto and move towards your goals you will find it gets progressively easier. Over a short period of time the keto lifestyle becomes your new comfort zone and will become second nature to you.
Any initial discomfort, and maybe some confusion or even fear, is a small price to pay when considering the immense benefits that the keto lifestyle offers. And, this is the best bit: the more prepared and supported you feel, the more clarity and confidence you will gain making the mental and practical transition much easier.

New Terminology

There are a few terms, abbreviations and ideas which once you understand will help you feel less like a newbie. Here are five abbreviations or terms that you commonly find in keto recipes or, if you are lucky or reading this in a brighter future, on keto menus in a restaurant.

1) “AS”

Stands for Artificial Sweetener. The keto diet avoids sugar, so many people like to find zero calories alternatives. There are many to choose from: natural ones are typically more healthy. Exercise caution with chemical sweeteners as they are not the quick fix they claim to be. Also, beware some sweeteners can even have unwanted laxative effects.
We have an entire article dedicated to helping you navigate sweetness and find ways to satisfy your desires without chemicals or calories.

2) “BPC”

Aka “Bulletproof Coffee.” Developed by the infamous “biohacker” Dave Asprey in his mission to optimize his own health, BPC, or Keto Coffee, is a mixture of coffee and fat, typically coconut oil or butter. Blending the mix makes it deliciously creamy and naturally sweetens the taste.

The addition of fat protects the adrenal glands and delivers a pretty rounded energy solution which is much better for you than pure coffee and helps you feel full, without the energy crash you get from straight coffee. It is also a great way to get some extra fat into your day!

3) “Fat Bomb”

A way of eating more fat in simple, tasty balls or ‘bombs.’ They can be slightly sweet or savoury and are made from mixtures or fats and protein (usually nut butters) plus some additional flavourful ingredients.
Fat bombs are handy solutions to snacking or eating out and there are literally hundreds of different taste, texture and flavour combinations to try. As your relationship with food changes, you may find having a tasty little bomb or two to fill you up for a few hours (and help meet your macros) might be just what you need.

4) “HWC” or “HC”

Heavy Whipping Cream or Heavy Cream. It has more fat than normal cream, at least 36% or more, and is frequently used to fatten up your food. Finding satisfying and convenient ways to eat more fat will be part of your keto journey. If you already like cream, it wouldn’t be stretch to say you’ll love HC!

5) “MCTs”

This stands for “Medium Chain Triglycerides.” Medium Chain Whatnows? Ignore the fancy language, MCTs are simply a component of fat, found naturally in butter and coconut oil, which has a health promoting effect. They are slightly less calorie dense than long chain fats but much more rapidly absorbed.
Athletes and keto dieters use MCT products to provide rapid energy and boost performance. However, some people are sensitive to their effects and can experience stomach upsets in high doses. We go into much more detail about fats in our article.


  • Going keto will initially be a step out of your comfort zone until you are used to it!
  • Some new terminology you may not be familiar with: AS (Artificial Sweetener), BPC (Bulletproof Coffee), Fat Bombs, HWC/HC (Heavy Whipping Cream/Heavy Cream) and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

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