Sweet Tooth Bundle

Sweet Treats That Won’t Sacrifice Ketosis

When you find yourself longing for carbs or want to beat a nasty sugar addiction and finally make Keto work for you, the Sweet Tooth Bundle really is the ace of your sleeve.

Instead of binging on store-bought chocolate or snack bars, raising insulin and gaining weight, why not grab a smart and healthy alternative with our Keto Chocolate - Pumpkin Sea Salt or the Keto Bars - Chocolate Coconut?

Or how about a naturally sweet, MCT infused morning coffee which keeps you satiated until lunch? Simply stir up a spoonful of Keto Cocoa with your coffee and switch on fat adaption by enjoying a sweet drink.

Provide your body with essential amino acids, giving your skin, hair and nails a healthy glow with our MCT infused collagen protein. Keto Protein Birthday Cake is made out of 100% grass-fed beef collagen protein and tastes just like sinking your teeth into a sweet and spongy piece of birthday cake but without the waistline-exploding carbs (1g net carbs per serving).

Sweet Tooth Bundle

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KETO PROTEIN Birthday cake

“Licking the Bowl” Just Got Keto.

Keto Protein in Birthday Cake flavor is a Keto-friendly source of protein which will crush your cravings for sweets and carbs, while also providing your body with essential collagen protein. Collagen protein has many vital functions in your body's metabolism.

As numerous clinical studies have proven, collagen protein is an essential amino acid. This means that we must consume it through our diet because our body doesn’t produce it on it’s own. However, Collagen Protein is dangerously lacking from the standard Western diet. Collagen protein supports the recovery and health of your hair, skin, tendons, muscles and even gut linings. Whey based protein powders won’t do that.

Mixed with a healthy fats of c8 MCT Oil powder, Keto Protein in Birthday Cake flavor will also help you regulate your appetite, which makes it ideal as a quick, satiating meal replacement on the go.

In addition to keeping you satiated, the added MCTs are quickly metabolized by your body as ketones, providing you with a quick source of energy. By combining collagen protein and MCTs, you also slow your body's absorption of protein and you insulin levels don’t spike. In contrast, regular Protein powders spike insulin levels and will cause stalls.

Keto Protein Birthday Cake is also free off any artificial ingredients. We don’t use anything fake or unnatural: Only grass-fed collagen protein, MCT C8 oil and natural stevia extracts. It’s also completely soy free.


100% Grass-fed Collagen Protein infused with MCT Oil for a Keto-friendly Protein Drink that reduces appetite, kills cravings and improves the health of your skin, hair and muscles
100% Grass-fed US beef collagen protein
MCT C8 Oil powder

What Our Customers Say:

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Pumpkin seeds are a fantastic source of zinc, a trace mineral essential for skin health, the immune system, and cell division [2]. But it's not just the health benefits that make this bar good – pumpkin seeds pair perfectly with chocolate taste-wise. The small amount of sea salt here enhances the flavors in this Keto Chocolate Bar.

We also made sure to keep the carb count in Keto Chocolate as low as possible, while not sacrificing taste or texture. And with 1-2g net carbs per serving, you won’t raise your insulin. Most low-carb bars are packed with artificial ingredients, low-quality binders, or too many carb sources, making your body raise insulin levels and causing stalls. Keto chocolate is made out of 45% Cacao and naturally sweetened with Stevia. Don’t worry though: We know, as a Ketonian a little sweetener goes a long way, and our Keto Chocolate is not too sweet, and the taste of Stevia doesn’t linger on the tongue.


Unsweetened Chocolate, Inulin, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Medium Chain Triglycerides. Contains 2% or less: Natural Vanilla Flavor, Steviol Glycosides (stevia extract), Sodium Caseinate [a milk derivative], Sunflower Lecithin.
Unsweetened Chocolate
Cocoa Butter, MCT’s and Inulin

What Our Customers Say:

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Best. Bars. Ever. I’ve been staying away from other low carb bars but now these are the perfect balance with my macros and are Delish!! Def buying over and over!” - Laura, Verified buyer


Raise the Bar! Drop the Sugar. Keto Bars are PURE KETOGENIC GOODNESS.

Shouldn’t a “keto bar” have the right macros for the keto diet? Well, this one does. Unlike other bars, which either have too many carbs, too much sugar, or not enough fat, our ketogenic bars meet the macro ratios for the keto diet. With just the right macros for the ketogenic diet, each bar contains 3g net carbs, 1g of sugar, and 20g of fat. With a chocolate coated outer layer and a rich filling, Ketogenic Bars satisfy your sweet tooth while killing your appetite. Best of all, Keto Bars are made without artificial sweeteners or fillers, and they taste naturally sweet (no “cardboardy” taste). Satisfy your sweet tooth while staying in Ketosis with 3 delicious flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Cookie Dough.


With just the right macros for the ketogenic diet, each bar contains 3g net carbs, 1g of sugar, and 20g of fat. With a chocolate coated outer layer, and a rich filling, Ketogenic Bars satisfy your sweet tooth while killing your appetite.
Coconut Oil
Chicory Root Fiber and Prebiotic Dietary Tapioca Fiber
Whole egg powder
Medium chain triglycerides
Cacao nibs, cocoa butter, and unsweetened chocolate

What Our Customers Say:

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“I have never subscribed for automatic shipments before but this is the product that changed my mind!” - Pwylla


Guilt-Free, Sugar-Free Cocoa Indulgence.

Keto Cocoa is the perfect keto-friendly product for low-carb chocolate lovers, intermittent-fasters, and keto dieters. Use it to make your coffee a mocha! Transform unflavored almond milk into a whipped-cream topped cup of cocoa! Perfect for enhancing the taste of coffee, shakes, smoothies, and fat bombs!


MCT oil powder is a creamy, delicious alternative to MCT Oil that is less oily and easier to digest .
67% C8 MCT Oil Powder
33% C10 MCT Oil Powder

What Our Customers Say: