Starting Keto Has Never Been This Easy
Try the Complete Kiss My Keto Bundle Today

Starting Keto Has Never Been This Easy
Try the 30 Day Keto Starter Kit Today

2 x Keto Shake, 1 x Pink Lemonade Ketones, 1 x 10 count Keto Test Strips

Sale Price $79.99 - $128.92 USD 

This is all you’ll need to kickstart your Keto diet.
Fed up with other diets? The Kiss My Keto Bundle will help you regain control and work towards the you that you want to be.

Everything you need to get your body into ketosis

Great tasting and easy to make meal replacements

Boost electrolytes and mental focus

Over 35% in savings

There are many reasons to try the Keto diet.
Whether you want to lose weight, give up carbs in favor of healthier fats, improve mental focus using MCTs like C8 and C10, boost your electrolyte intake, or just want to try something new because traditional diets haven’t worked for you. The Keto diet works and is suitable for people from all walks of life.

Look who else supports the Keto diet:

the mom

“I gained a lot of weight through my second pregnancy. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get back to where I was before. It was only when I discovered the Keto diet that I started to see results. It’s not an easy diet, it takes commitment, but it worked for me.”

the nutritionist

“The diet market is saturated these days with so many get slim quick options out there. The keto diet isn’t a quick answer, but all of the clients I have recommended it to love it and have seen tangible results. Kiss My Keto is making it even easier for people to try the Keto diet for themselves.”

the athlete

“I’ve had mixed results with traditional diets. A friend recommended Kiss My Keto to me and I’ve never looked back. I burn my fat using the Keto diet and it is a lot easier to manage my nutrient intake using the MCT Oils, shakes, and exogenous ketones that Kiss My Keto sells.”

the actor

“I needed to lose weight fast after taking on a role that needed me to gain weight. I read about the Keto diet online and decided to try it out using Kiss My Keto’s products. BEST DECISION EVER. Not only did I lose weight, but it changed the way I approach eating and fitness altogether.”

Keto keeps you in control of your body and diet
The Keto diet is more than just a diet. This isn’t as simple as switching from cream to milk in your coffee.
The Keto diet completely changes the way you approach dieting and eating. But the results will shock you
Unlike other diets where your body burns carbs, fat is the main fuel source in the Keto diet.
When you cut carbs out of your diet and focus on healthy fats, your body enters ketosis.
This isn’t a get fit quick scheme, this is a fundamental life change designed to help you take part in a diet that actually works.

Keep up and catch up
with exogenous ketones
Look, cheat days happen. No ones perfect. The Kiss My Keto Bundle comes packed with the popular Exogenous Ketones Pink Lemonade designed to help you salvage those cheat days.
Exogenous ketones help your body get back into ketosis quickly, allowing you to stay in control of your keto diet even when you slip up.
Healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad
Our pink lemonade is blended with sodium and calcium, making it easier for your body to absorb. The pink lemonade flavor tastes great and is all natural and contains no sugar, carbs, or artificial flavors.

No time to cook? Make a Keto shake
We all live busy lives. Whether you are having a busy day, or cooking is a luxury you don’t have time for, the Keto Shake Vanilla serves as a meal replacement that helps push your body into ketosis.
All the Keto macros you need
Just one scoop is all you need, providing you with a strict caloric breakdown consisting of 75% from healthy fats, 20% from protein, and 5% from calories.
Our shakes also help you improve your mental focus using MCTs like C8 and C10.

Turn your washroom breaks into a Keto break

Not sure if you’re in ketosis? Grab a Ketone Urine Test Strip and hit the bathroom.


Turn your bathroom trips into a Keto diet test. Each kit contains 200 strips and will quickly tell you if your body is in ketosis.


Track your ketosis with ease


The Keto diet is a life changing experience and we designed these strips to make it easier for you to check if you are making progress.

Packed With Everything You Need







Don’t try the Keto diet if…


  • You have commitment issues. Keto works, but it requires commitment

  • Your body is already healthy because you actively track micro and macro nutrients

  • Carbs are something that you wouldn’t be able to give up

  • You’d prefer to stick to traditional diets because Keto seems too hard