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Everything has carbs in it, so what's left to eat?
I can't be eating broccoli and lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

If you're struggling to figure out what you can and can't eat, use our food list below.
Just check the foods you want and we'll send your personalized grocery list straight to your email.
All foods listed below are Low in Carbs and keto approved. Think of them as your go-to foods!



Nutrition Tip (Fat)

  • Fat does not make you fat. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it like a kid in a candy store
  • 75% of your calories should come from fat - it will fuel you in ways you didn’t think were possible
  • Flip the food pyramid upside down (sorry USDA) - now we’re on the same page
  • Olive, coconut and MCT oils are your best friend - add it to any meal to up your fat intake



Nutrition Tip (Protein)

  • Excessive protein causes an insulin spike and your body will convert them into carbs - it’s called gluconeogenesis
  • Use our keto calculator here to work out how much protein to take.
  • Your macro goals are all about eating minimal carbs, moderate protein (enough to maintain muscle mass) and the rest of your nutritional needs from fat

Nutrition Tip (Dairy)

  • Butter, cheese, yoghurt and heavy cream are all keto friendly
  • Always go for products that are low in lactose
  • Stay away from milk - it’s full of lactose AKA sugar
  • Avoid low fat and fat free dairy altogether. When fat is removed it is always replaced with sugar

Nutrition Tip (Meats)

  • Cured meats may contain honey and sugar in them
  • Processed meats usually have starchy fillers. It it’s not 100% meat there’s probably hidden carbs
  • Most glazes and sauces use cornstarch or flour as thickening agents



Nutrition Tip (Carbs)

  • If all carbs are evil then why is there a list of “good” carbs? Answer: not all carbs are created equal
  • We avoid carbs that are processed, refined and high in sugar (yes sugar is a carb)
  • Stick with the items on this list and you’ll be well on your way to living a keto lifestyle

Nutrition Tip (Nuts And Seeds)

  • It’s easy to overeat, especially if they're roasted and salted, so eat with caution
  • Just like fruit, a handful of nuts is enough as a healthy snack.
  • Stick to whole foods first and get comfortable with being in ketosis before experimenting with low carb flours and baked goods

Nutrition Tip (Vegetables)

  • If it’s green and leafy, it’s a go! Same goes for non starchy vegetables
  • Most vegetables are packed with fiber so you can discount it from carbs to get “net carbs”. This allows for some extra wriggle room

Nutrition Tip (Drinks)

  • Water and bone broth will keep you hydrated. Bone broth has a tone of electrolytes (that’s good)
  • Coffee is great too (without milk of course)
  • Be careful of nasty sweeteners in diet sodas
  • Your alcohol tolerance is much lower on keto so be careful - hangovers are no fun for anyone

Nutrition Tip (Fruit)

  • It’s nature’s candy so always practice portion control. You can’t eat unlimited amounts of it
  • Measure your intake - grab a handful and no more than that
  • Berries are your go to fruit. Steer clear of bananas and other starchy fruits