A Note from Alex,
our founder

Hi there-

A lot of people ask us why we bothered to pursue Kiss My Keto.
But none of the options were right for us.

We were struggling to find good, honest brands that used the correct ingredients and kept within the macronutrient level for a proper keto diet.

We roamed the aisles of big chain grocery stores and local mom & pop stores in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, what we found was a mish mosh of products with too much sugar, not enough fat, or too much protein. There wasn’t a dedicated ketogenic brand that we could look to for answers on the many questions we had. It was overwhelming.

That’s why we started Kiss My Keto.

Kiss My Keto is a brand dedicated to the ketogenic lifestyle. We demonstrate how to use our products in a practical way that integrates with your lifestyle. We feel that educating the customer on how to use the product is equally as important as the product itself. Whether you’re curious about the ketogenic diet, or you’ve been keto for a while, we hope you will give Kiss My Keto a try. We’re confident that you’ll love our products and the useful tips that come with every purchase.

And if, for any reason, you don’t think that Kiss My Keto is the best ketogenic company to support your lifestyle - if it doesn’t make keto living easier for you - then you won’t pay a penny.

Give it a shot, and email at alex@kissmyketo.com to let know what you think.

Stay Keto,
Founder Kiss My Keto

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about the ketogenic diet and whether it’s right for you - check out Ketocademy. It’s jam packed with videos about our personal experiences on the ketogenic diet.


Aka “What We Believe And How We Run Our Business”


Our first line of products are MCTs, which are short for medium chain triglycerides and are derived from coconuts.
Fat molecules come in three varieties – short, medium and long...
And out of all the digestible fats, the “medium” MCT’s are the easiest for your body to burn for fuel.
They’re also the least likely to get stored as body fat. You would literally need to eat at least 10 times as much raw coconut oil
(if your stomach could handle it) to get the same amount of fat burning properties found in MCT Oil.
MCT oil is a staple on the ketogenic diet.

They are great in your coffee or dressed over your salad.


If you think we might be onto something, and want to learn more about the ketogenic diet, such as how do you start, why go keto and what exactly is ketosis, head on over to Ketocademy.

We’ve created a series of videos just for you.