Renae Jackson

So When I started keto...I researched everyday. I followed a few keto accounts on Instagram that had yummy recipes & I jumped right in!
The first Keto product I bought was Mct oil from kiss my keto & I’ve used it every day since.
When you’re having a sweet craving...have a piece of kmk Chocolate & when your busy & don’t have time to cook, eat one of their amazing cookie dough bars!

Q: Describe yourself before getting on the keto lifestyle.

A: Before keto I was overweight with low energy.

Q: When did you start and how much have you lost for how long?

A: I started 4/27/18 (167lbs) I hit my goal weight (135lbs) after 5 months on keto. Now I’m maintaining.

Q: Why did you go on keto? What did you want to get from it? (i.e. weight loss, health management, more energy/focus, etc.)

A: I thought the bulletproof coffee looked good oh and I wanted to lose weight.

Q: What were your early struggles?

A: Controlling my sweet cravings.

Q: What other diets have you tried? Did they work?

A: Standard American diet....calories in calories out.

Q: What motivates you to keep doing it?

A: I feel & look so much better!

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Anna D. - Verified User

I have been living the low carb lifestyle for years and this is the first chocolate bar that is absolutely perfect. Excellent taste and hits the spot when you have that afternoon snack attack. I keep a bar in my desk drawer, break off a couple of pieces, and its very satisfying.

Annette S. - Verified User

I’ve been using this MCT Oil for a while now, and really appreciate the fact that it comes in a glass container with a pump. This oil is so fine it can make a real mess trying to pour it. Thanks guys for doing your research!!

John C. - Verified User

My friend introduced me to these bars & I ordered immediately. All 3 are my favorites that why I have to order the variety pack. Only draw back is how messy they get while eating them.

Patrick M. - Verified User

The super creamy coating hits your mouth with a texture that can’t be beat. The inside is crispy and full of flavor... I split my bar for an afternoon snack then in the evening for a sweet treat, love it!

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