Welcome to Ketocademy - a place of Higher Keto Learning! We humbly feel that you won’t find ANYTHING out there in the vast internet like this.

Ketocademy is a full-fledged, comprehensive yet easy to understand online course that you can think of as the ultimate “Keto Masterclass”.

Are you ready to stop reading conflicting info online? Ready to see the big picture laid out for you step-by-step? Ketocademy is for you!

Join Mike and Alex for a laid back and casual learning experience where they cover everything you need to get started with keto and how to enjoy lasting success.

The Ketocademy is a 3 hour course broken up into three levels:

  1. Getting Started on Keto
  2. Learning your Macronutrients
  3. Nourishing Yourself on Keto

Just think: in 3 short hours, you'll learn everything you'll ever need to be successful on keto. How's that for a crash course!

No stone is left unturned. And one more thing… It’s absolutely FREE!!!