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Exogenous Ketones

325 reviews

Stay energized with the help of ketones in a bottle. Available in citrus and berry flavor.

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Exogenous ketone drinks are among the supplements that you take on a keto diet. Supporting your low-carb lifestyle, they offer a number of benefits. Check them out below.

Puts you back into ketosis.

Have you been kicked out of ketosis? To help you get back on track, have a ketone drink on top of reducing your carbs. It will help raise beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), the main ketone in your blood.

May lower your blood glucose.

If you are trying to control your blood sugar levels on a keto diet, one of the things you can do is to supplement with exogenous ketones. A recent study done on healthy individuals aged 21-57 revealed that drinks containing exogenous ketones lower blood glucose levels as well as lipids.

Important: Please consult your physician before you take ketone supplements especially if you have a health condition or are also taking glucose-lowering medications.

Reduces keto flu symptoms.

You can drink Lemon Lime or Mixed Berry if you’re trying to transition into ketosis. Since it supplies your body with ketones instantly, it will help decrease symptoms of keto flu such as sugar cravings, fatigue, headache, and brain fog.

What makes Kiss My Keto’s exogenous ketone drink even better is that it contains electrolytes, namely: Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium.

Increases your energy.

Remember that ketones serve as your alternative energy source on a very low-carb diet. Ketones fuel your brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. If you need an energy boost for the day or prior to a workout, you can get ketones quickly by supplementing with them.

Health Benefits


Increase Ketones


Pre-workout Supplement


Replenishes Electrolytes

What Are Exogenous Ketones Made Of?

Here’s what each drink contains, regardless of the flavor:

  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate(BHB), Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the primary ketone that your liver produces when you’re in ketosis. It’s an important carrier of energy when glucose supply is low.

    You may be wondering why there’s calcium, sodium, and magnesium in this beverage. Here’s why: BHB is bound to each of these minerals, making a great combination that will help replenish your electrolytes. (Keep in mind that electrolytes are important on a keto diet since your kidneys eliminate electrolytes as you reduce your carb intake!)

  • Stevia. Kiss My Keto’s exogenous ketones taste sweet because of stevia. We avoid using sugar. Instead, we added stevia because it has a glycemic index of zero which means that it won’t raise your blood glucose. In fact, it can even help keep your blood glucose under control.

When Exogenous Ketones Work Best

  • First thing in the morning. Before you take your keto-friendly breakfast, drink Mixed Berry or Lemon Lime for an energy boost. Make it part of your healthy morning ritual! (Note: You can also drink it with food, although it’s better to take it on an empty stomach.)
  • Before a workout. Heading to the gym? Planning to workout at home? Add one scoop of your favorite fruity flavor to a glass of water. It’s a great pre-workout drink that will enhance your performance.
  • In between meals. Are you experiencing the dreaded keto flu? Struggling to focus at home or the office because of nasty symptoms? Aside from staying hydrated and making sure that you get enough rest, take exogenous ketones.
  • When you’re traveling. Yes, you can stay keto on the go! Remain in ketosis no matter the time and place by packing this convenient supplement. It comes in a durable container that’s mess-free.

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Questions and Answers

How do I use this product?

Mix one scoop of Exogenous Ketones Lemon Lime or Mixed Berry with 8-10 ounces of water.

How many servings are there in one container?

A container of Lemon Lime/Mixed Berry exogenous ketone supplement has 15 servings. 1 scoop = 1 serving.

Are there any side effects?

Exogenous ketones can cause an upset stomach in some people. This side effect is expected. If you experience this, reduce the serving size and gradually increase as you establish personal tolerance.

Is this sugar-free?

Yes. We use stevia, a natural keto-friendly sweetener that comes from the leaves of stevia rebaudiana.

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What is your Return Policy?

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What if my package is lost?

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How can I reach you?

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Do you autoship or offer any subscriptions?

Yes we do. There is a subscribe and save button located on the product page above the add to cart button.

Do you offer any special discounts?

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Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 325 Reviews
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    Emily R.
    United States United States
    Love it

    I have tried other products and I will go back. This is the best working and tasting.

    Annette S.
    I love the exogenous ketones.

    I love the exogenous ketones. helps me stay in ketosis if I have a little cheat

    Susan M.
    Tastes great!

    Good electrolyte drink.

    Linda G.
    Exogenous ketones with Electrolytes

    Great tasting product! Keeps me in ketosis and gives me energy!

    Love the lemon lime flavour!

    Absolutely luv the lemon lime flavour! It is a tab sweet but I had a huge bottle of water with a scoop prepared and that works great for keeping me in ketosis and hydrated during the workday or in gym. Will definitely re-purchase and consider the other mixed berry flavour. Customer service was very prompt to help with an order delivery issue as well. Five stars!

    Lemon Lime Flavor :heart:️

    So far I’ve only used it once. The Keto strip turned very very dark it was amazing. I felt a lot of energy that’s for sure. I will use it when I’m real busy & have a lot to do & running around with a special project. I didn’t buy it for the Keto flu or for getting back to Ketosis because i just don’t cheat. I may go over by set Marcos but stay HFLC always. It’s on a 3 months subscription so I always have it. There are so many other :kiss:MyKeto products I use every single day. I :heart:️:kiss:MyKeto the people & products are amazing & help me live my best Keto Lifestyle. BLOG - RECIPES - SUBSCRIPTIONS - FREE SHIPPING - REWARDS PROGRAM - KETOACADEMY. Thanx so much :kiss:MyKeto

    Audrey Y.
    Good quality and taste good!

    I've been using exogenous ketones for quite some time to support a ketogenic lifestyle. I decided to try KMK's formulation -- this has a clean lemon-lime flavor; it's a bit sweet for me if I use the full dose as directed, but I'm adverse to sweet already. Furthermore, I rarely drink it as a single serving, instead, I add smaller amounts to my water throughout the day for consistent support. In a ketogenic lifestyle, minerals and hydration are so important and I feel that this product is effective and helps. As I've been in this way of eating for over a decade, I haven't tested urine pH following taking this to see if there is any direct effect, so I cannot speak to that. Thank you, KMK, for well formulated, quality and tasty product offerings!

    Ell B.
    great flavor

    I have tried other exogenous ketones brand and after switching from another company to kiss my keto, I am ashamed that I was spending sp much money on the previous product. KMK tastes better, gets me the same results if not better, got better ratings online and is literally 1/4 the price. Wish I would have found it sooner!

    Kendall S.
    Amazing product! It kept me

    Amazing product! It kept me full and gave me so much energy. Also, it tastes great!

    Lisa L.

    Really good tasting! I drink this every afternoon for a treat - something to have other than water. All the while staying in Ketosis!