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Keto Baking Mix

In the mood for baking keto snacks? Try our low-carb baking mix in 3 exciting flavors.


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Looking To Buy A Convenient Keto Baking Mix?

Satisfy your sweet tooth with three exciting flavors — Brownie, Shortbread Cookie, and Snickerdoodle Cookie. Shop for them now.

Bake once, eat all week.

What can you bake for the entire week that will help you stay in ketosis? Keto baking mixes! After baking, you can store them in the fridge. They should last up to one week. Take them with you to work, share them with your family, and snack on them anytime you feel hungry and a bit less productive.

No need for extra ingredients.

Whether you choose Brownie, Shortbread Cookie, or Snickerdoodle Cookie, there’s no need to buy additional ingredients — except for egg and butter that are already in your pantry. You see, these keto desserts are easy to prepare.

Make the right choices.

Oftentimes, it can be hard to make the right choices, especially when it comes to sweet treats. Most options out there contain high concentrations of sugar.

Fortunately, keto baking mixes have no added sugars. But how come they’re sweet? It’s simple: We used keto-approved sweeteners, allulose and monk fruit!

A quick pick-me-up for energy.

How do you beat those afternoon slumps? Take a walk. Drink a glass of water. Pump up the tunes. And don’t forget to have a keto-friendly snack!

All our baking mixes contain MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) that provide you with energy.

What Are Keto Baking Mixes Made Of?

Each pack has the following:

  • Almonds. Almonds are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy monounsaturated fats. These are the same fats found in olive oil, avocados, and other nuts. As you can see, they’re great for those on a keto diet. Plus, almonds are also packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Allulose. Being a low-carbohydrate sweetener, allulose makes a good substitute for regular table sugar. Though it’s as sweet as table sugar, it will not raise your blood glucose levels.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides are fat molecules that rapidly taken up by your liver and converted into ketones for energy. As a commonly used supplement in the keto community, MCTs may increase your satiety and help control your weight.
  • Monk Fruit. Native to Southern China and Northern Thailand, monk fruit is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. Despite its sweetness, it’s safe for people with diabetes and anyone who’s trying to control their blood sugar.

When Keto Baking Mix Work Best

  • Breakfast. Instead of a high-sugar cereal or granola bar, have our keto brownies and cookies for breakfast. Each serving also has 3-5 grams of total fat and 3-5 grams of protein to give you a feeling of fullness!
  • Dinner Party Dessert. If you want something sweet that requires minimal preparation for special occasions, have any or all 3 of our baking mixes. Your guests won’t even realize that they’re enjoying a low-carb treat.
  • Pre-Workout or Post-Workout. Before a tough workout, have one to two servings of a chocolate brownie or cookie. Since it has MCTs, you’ll get the energy and endurance you need to finish strong. If you want, you can have it as a post-workout snack to help your body recover!
  • Snacks. Are you always on the go? Don’t allow yourself to go hungry and grab an unhealthy treat. As long as you pack low-carb brownies or cookies in your bag, you can kill those cravings and be glad that you’re still in ketosis!

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Questions and Answers

Do these keto baking mixes contain gluten?

No. Our baking mixes are certified gluten-free. Many baked goods out there contain gluten, but not ours.

Do these keto baking mixes contain added sugars?

No. Ours have zero sugars. To sweeten these baking mixes, we use keto-friendly sweeteners including allulose and monk fruit.

Do these keto baking mixes contain sugar alcohols?

No. Keto baking mixes do not have sugar alcohols like erythritol and xylitol.

How long does it take to make a batch of brownies with keto baking mix?

On average, it will take 20-25 minutes for mixing and baking. Some additional time is needed to allow the brownies to cool completely before serving to prevent them from breaking.

Do I need any extra ingredients?

The only extra ingredients you need are eggs and butter! Optionally, you can add vanilla extract for more flavor.

How do I calculate the net carbs?

Net carbs are calculated by taking the total number of carbs, minus dietary fiber and allulose (as these are not digested). For example, Keto Baking Mix (Shortbread Cookie) contains 2g net carbs because: 7g Total Carbs - 3g Dietary Fiber - 2g Allulose = 2g Net Carbs.

How long do they last after baking? Should they be refrigerated to last longer?

Baked treats last 1 week in the fridge. If stored in the freezer, they will last 1 month.

How many servings are in each mix?

Each packet produces 12 servings.

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