A Foolproof Way to Fight the Dreaded Keto Flu

Keto Flu can be a nasty problem: No energy, throbbing headaches, and a thick brain fog.
In fact, fear of the Keto Flu keeps lots of people from going keto!
Well, now you can rest assured that our Keto Flu Kit has you covered.
We’ve compiled the best products to keep you hydrated and energized (while easing you into ketosis) into one convenient bundle.

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          Best-tasting ketone supplement hands down. - Michael H


          Take the Guesswork Out of Keto and Maintain Ketosis.

          Exogenous ketones are an efficient way to get into nutritional ketosis. Exogenous Ketones Mixed Berry is a mix out of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketone bodies that help you to maintain or enter ketosis. Plus. the addition of electrolytes helps your body maintain balance.

          No artificial flavoring. Blended with calcium and potassium for easy absorption. Mixes easily into water.


          KMK’s Exogenous Exogenous Ketones in Lemon Lime flavor kickstart ketosis by providing the ketones you need to burn fat for fuel.
          GoBHB™ - Kiss Me Keto’s Proprietary Blend:

          What Our Customers Say:

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          "Excellent! Energy lasts all day!" - Amazon Junkie

          KETO ENERGY

          Immediate Energy and Mental Clarity without Jitters or Crashes

          Give your body and brain the energy it needs with healthy MCT oils, while supporting Fat adaption and Ketosis. Enjoy the synergy of MCT oils and nootropics! We added Caffeine and L-Theanine to the MCTs, to maximize the energy your body and brain receive during Ketosis.

          This makes it dead-simple to get into a clear, fog-free mental space that lets you complete your work with laser-like precision. No jitters or nervousness due to carefully formulated dosages. No mixing or weighing out multiple ingredients! Simply swallow with water, or drop into a hot beverage.

          MCT Oil C8 / Caprylic Acid C8

          What Our Customers Say:

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          “Helps me to focus on my work and i find myself getting a lot less distracted throughout the day.” - Eric

          KETO FOCUS

          Punch Brain Fog in the Face.

          Keto Focus is a premium nootropic stack with fast-acting, brain-boosting ingredients that have been meticulously formulated to help enhance your mental performance (memory, focus, mental clarity); promote positive moods, and increase energy naturally.


          A premium combination of herbs known to support cognitive function and healthy brain circulation.
          Ginkgo Biloba
          Panax Ginseng
          Ashwagandha Root Powder

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          “This is probably the best shake mix I’ve ever drank in my life.” -Tatiana

          KETO PROTEIN

          A Protein Powder with Healthy Fats that tastes like Chocolate Milk?

          Keto Protein has been designed to provide you with a delicious alternative to soy and whey protein, while giving you the same muscle building properties.

          We used pasture-raised bovine hide collagen, which means very little carbs (1g net) and also no sugar at all (it’s called Keto Protein after all). The addition of MCT powder means that you’ll also get a nice boost in energy while helping to shuttle protein into the muscle cells for maximum recovery and growth. Keto Protein mixes well in either hot or cold liquids giving you the option to make yourself keto hot chocolate or keto chocolate milk (bye bye carb cravings!). Don’t worry though! We used absolutely NO artificial ingredients in Keto Protein. The sweetness of Keto Protein comes solely from naturally occuring Stevia. Satisfy the sweet tooth without the “diet” taste!

          67% C8 MCT Oil Powder
          33% C10 MCT Oil Powder

          What Our Customers Say:

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          “...this stuff WILL keep you in ketosis.” -Richard H.


          The Fastest Way to Get & Stay Hydrated

          The Keto Replenish Electrolyte powder and capsules are specifically designed to get you hydrated as quickly as possible. It provides you with fast-acting minerals which help to retain water in your body. End nasty headaches, low energy, and muscle cramps, without having to ingest carbohydrates!


          Why are Keto Replenish Powder and Keto Replenish Capsules better than homemade rehydration drinks (KetoAide, Bone broth etc.)?

          What Our Customers Say:

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          “LARGER QUANTITY FOR LESS MONEY!!! These strips arrived quickly. Great service. Would definitely recommend!!” -Lisa W.


          Stop Wondering If Your in Ketosis.

          Want to be 100% sure you’re in Ketosis and making progress with your weight and health? Within 15 seconds you can get an accurate answer with the help of our Medical grade Ketone strips. All the instructions on how to use the strips are included and they are easy and simple to follow (if you know where the toilet is ! )

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